85 Spadina Road, main entrance to Spadina North Station at Kendal Avenue in The Annex.

Main Entrance
85 Spadina Road , at Kendal Avenue
Serves Which Subway Line(s)
Yonge-University-Spadina Subway Line
Pedestrian underground connection to Bloor-Danforth Subway Line
Connecting Bus and/or Streetcar Route(s)
Need Transfer to Connect
Elevator(s) Currently in Service
Commuter Parking / Kiss & Ride
Nearby, Can stop car in front of entrance
Shopping Inside the Station

Spadina North Station is the other Spadina Station. Confused? Probably not, this is also the forgotten station, an afterthought in most passenger's minds... unless you actually live inbetween Spadina Station and Dupont Station.

During Construction, the working name for this station which serves the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway Line was Kendal Station, named from the cross street where Spadina Road and Kendal Avenue begins. Toronto has two streets named Spadina: South of Bloor, it's Spadina Avenue, North of Bloor, the same street is named Spadina Road. Following this logic, the naming head honchos at TTC HQ back in the day decided to named BOTH stations Spadina. The current Spadina Station with the platforms serving the Bloor-Danforth Subway Line was originally called Madison Station during construction as the main entrance was on Madison Avenue, one block east of Spadina and Bloor.

The pedestrian tunnel which connects both Spadina Stations originally had the longest horizontal moving walkway in the city, like ones you'd see connecting far-flung airport terminals. Legend has it, it was called the Movator. It was often broken and people had to walk the full length in between stations nonetheless. Eventually it was completely removed. Today, the tunnel provides one of the best acoustic echo chambers for licensed buskers to play their tunes and earn a looney or two from pedestrian passers by.

The TTC decided to keep the streetscape intact on Spadina Road, where the neighbouring buildings are larger mansion-ish houses. Instead of building an easy to recognize glass and plastic and concrete and steel Subway Station entrance, they bought the house atop the exit and renovated it. Even placing some wonderful artwork inside. If there wasn't a standard pole with the TTC Logo atop it, you'd never know there was a station here. The building at 85 Spadina Road itself has no sign which announces it is in fact, Spadina Station.