TAIBU groundbreaking group photo (minus the politicians). Tuesday July 28 2009.

1371 Neilson Road , Unit 418

TAIBU is a Kiswahili word; it is a wish, a greeting “Be in good health!”

The name encapsulates the vision of TAIBU Community Health Centre (TAIBU CHC) which is “A healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities creating our own solutions”.

As part of the government expansion of the Community Health Sector across Ontario, in 2005, The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced the funding of a new Communtiy Health Centre in Malvern.

The Black Health Alliance (BHA), as the sponsoring organization, has been laying the foundation for the establishment of [TAIBU CHC in the Malvern Neighbourhood to adress the health disparities in health outcomes for racialized and marginalized communities, including assessing the health and social needs of the community and identifying the priority populations through the Community Engament Process.

As a result of the persevering and tireless work of the BHA, TAIBU has now been incorporated and we are getting ready to deliver the much awaited and needed programs and services in the community.

What is a Community Health Centre?

A Community Health Centre generally has the following characteristics:

  • A non-profit organization funded by the government
  • Governed by a community led Board of Directors
  • It may be defined by a geographical area or by a group(s) of people who experience barriers to accessing Primary Healthcare or both
  • It offers a range of primary healthcare and social programs and services with an emphasis on prevention, health promotion and education, chronic disease management and community development
  • Delivered by an inter-disciplinary team of healthcare practitioners through a social determinants of health framework
  • Provides programmes and services to address the specific health needs of the community across the lifespan
  • Team includes paid staff and volunteers