The "Bobby Ford" Mural by Javid With A J, at 185 Augusta.

The "Bobby Ford" Mural is painted on the south side outside entrance wall to the 185 Augusta Avenue studio-gallery space in Kensington Market.

It is Aerosol on Concrete, 18′ x 10′, painted by Javid in 2011.

Being on private property owned by Graff enthusiasts, it isn't likely to be power-washed away anytime soon.

Here's The Story behind this Mural, in Javid's own words,

"This is a story of what we can afford to tolerate as art on the streets of Toronto.

The wall adjacent to my place needed to get done. So we did the Rob Ford Sandwhich

Property owner was not happy - and city asked him to remove it - even tho it wasn’t his wall!

So we were asked to go over it. We comply, somewhat reluctantly. but whatever its paint on a freakin wall.

Start going over it, and then the adjacent owner is like - wait - i love the RobFord piece - put him back on and I will tell the city I commissioned it. Dope sauce.

So after all that, we painted Mr Ford back over himself. This time with a bit more color - it felt like summer was here to stay yesterday.

CAnt wait to hear whats next - oh its so artistic, it should stay! No its too political, take it down.

Here’s to our new art mayor. Im sure he can afford it."

Mural Photos