The Streets & Office Towers of Toronto
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Mission Statement
To promote camaraderie and unity throughout the messenger community and foster cooperation with other groups who share similar goals or objectives.

The Toronto Bike Messenger Association (TOBMA) is a street level, registered non-profit corporation that strives to raise the the contribution, public profile, and the standard of living of all bicycle and foot messengers in the city of Toronto.

We provide and promote local community events that serve our members and our city and we seek to empower messengers to raise a louder voice in labour, political and environmental issues affecting our industry. The TOBMA looks to bring the messenger solution to the city of Toronto by promoting the use of bicycles and human power for commercial purposes thereby reducing greenhouse gases and promoting safety for all road users.

Our members are current and former couriers who share a strong work ethic under the most extreme weather conditions and under enforced working conditions.

We work to bring balance to the stereotypical perceptions of our city's messengers and act as a liaison to the international community.