Toronto Centre is the Federal Riding most recently held by Liberal Bob Rae.

With Rae's resignation/retirement, the now open seat is awaiting a call by the Prime Minister as to a date for a By-Election to fill the seat.

This will also be the LAST Toronto Centre election with the current boundaries. It's due to be split in half come the real Election in 2015, with The 1% winding up on the north half and the 99% remaining in the south.

On Sunday September 15 2013, in separate nominations meetings only one subway stop apart, Local NDP and Liberals chose their candidates.

Both are journalists hold differing views on how to remedy the ever-increasing income inequality reality for Canadians, but they both have strongly held opinions. The contest should be very engaging with honest discussion on the question of retail economics in this country, for a change.

But wait! The Green Party also found a Journo to run... one John Deverell.

Toronto Centre now has THREE Journalists running.

If anyone's paying attention, a Conservative, Geoff Pollock, is running for the Blue Team.

If none of the Big Four parties catches your fancy, The Pirate Party's leader Travis McCrea has stepped into the fray and will carry skull and crossbones into the Ballot Box on Election Day. Arrrrrrighty then.

Toronto Centre Candidates

Chrystia Freeland with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.Linda McQuaig, acceptance speech upon winning NDP Nomination

Travis McCrea, Leader of Pirate Party and Toronto Centre Candidate John Deverell running for Green Party in Toronto CentrePrime Minister Stephen Harper with Geoff Pollock

Campaign Trail...

  • This page will constantly be updated with Toronto Centre Campaign and Election news once the By-Election is called or if anything noteworthy happens before then.


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