The Memorial Wall of Toronto's Homeless Dead

Toronto Homeless Memorial, beside the Church of the Holy Trinity, beside The Eaton Centre Here is the reality of homelessness.

This list of 500 names...

Below are listed the names of the people who have died since 1985. Keep in mind, these are only the names we know. These names were collected by members of Toronto Disaster Relief Committee.(TDRC)

The memorial has an official website at and it's maintained by local activist Tanya Gulliver.

If you have any additional information regarding any of the deaths on this list, please contact the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee at (416) 599-TDRC (8372). Their Fax number is (416) 599-5445. Their e-mail address is "tdrc(@) They are located at 6 Trinity Square, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1B1 Canada.

There is a regular monthly homeless memorial vigil held on on the second Tuesday of every month. The next one is on Tuesday, December 13th 2016 at 12 noon outside the Church of the Holy Trinity. At this vigil, we will remember all those who have lived on the streets of Toronto and died as a direct result of homelessness. A free meal will follow the vigil. The church is located behind the Eaton Centre in Trinity Square.