Trampoline Hall

Monica Dutt at Trampoline Hall lecturing about the fascinating life of Tupperware and its effects on society. Monday July 9, 2007.

Trampoline Hall Lectures happen every second Monday of the month, upstairs at Sneaky Dee's at the corner of Bathurst Street and College Street.

Co-created by Sheila Heti and Misha Glouberman in 2003. Misha remains the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

There is a curator for the evening chosen in advance who in turn choose three lecturers for the night. The lectures themselves are eclectic and an unexpectedness fills the hall as audience become participants during each speaker's turn at the mic.

The raison d'etre for the lectures is simple, have regular people talk about subjects in which they are not experts in, followed by a question and answer session.

...which, as Misha reminds the audience during his intro, “After each lecture is over, we have a question and answer period. We want your questions—they are critical to the question and answer period.”

It's too easy to think of Trampoline Hall as just an academic lecture moved into a club setting.

In essence, Trampoline Hall is better thought of as an improvised jam session where in place of instruments, we hear speaking and voices and ideas that aren't polished nor re-hearsed. It's not professional, it's not amateur hour, it's not a talent show.

It is interactive theatre.


Dave Meslin selling tickets for the July 2007 Trampoline Hall Lecture at Sneaky Dee's. The actual Ticket for each show are one-of-kind never to be repeated creations of the curator for each show. For the July 7 2007 show, Dave Meslin, the night's curator, sold handmade tickets with event and venue details glue-sticked on tiny bits of paper on wooden clothespins. He then rented out an abandoned gas bar booth on Queen Street West and sold lemonade alongside the tickets until they were sold out.

The Dave Meslin Box Office / ticket booth was a rare exception.

Tickets are regularly made available the Thursday prior to the Monday performance at Soundscapes in Little Italy for $6.00.

Tickets usually are sold out within a few hours of going on sale.

A small tiny itty bitty number of tickets are sold at the door on the night-of on a first come, second disappointed basis.

Trampoline Hall occurs the second Monday of every month at Sneaky Dee’s, 431 College Street .

September 14, 2009

The next Trampolline Hall is on Monday, September 14, 2009

Lauren Bride is the curator and has chosen three lecturers:

Eric Foley will give a talk about teenage circumcision.

Chrissy Reichert will describe + a holy airport experience.

Aurora de Pena will talk about "Stairway to Heaven."

Past Lectures

August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009 Curator: Sheila Heti Lynn Crosbie: Don't Have Casual Sex Elena Bird: From the Journals 2007 - 2008 Sameer Farooq: Women are a Gift from God

June 8, 2009

Trampoline Hall for June 8, 2009. Local music writer Carl Wilson curates tonight's edition of ad-hoc lecture series Trampoline Hall at Sneaky Dee's (431 College).

Featured speakers include Lisan Jutras on "Puking Up Your Demons" and Noah Goodbaum on "How to Hold It Down When We're F'd Up in the Game," with a third lecturer TBA.

Show begins at 8 p.m. sharp. $6.00 from Soundscapes.

February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009 Curator: Margaux Williamson Susan Fothergill: Her car, a raccoon, the Moon, love and another thing Saniya Ansari: Has some good points Michael Higginson: Being in the way

January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009 Curator: Jon McCurley Steve Thomas: Personal Identity Ashley Long: Train Hopping Mel Penner: Something Else