Welcome to the Wiki, business owner! Because you're part of the Toronto community, we'd love to have you become a part of the wiki community. Here's a brief introduction that might help get you started on the right track. You also might want to read the general welcome.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can use the wiki to engage your customers in a productive dialog that will demonstrate your customer service to everyone who reads the page about your business.

  2. You can add plenty of useful content to your business' page, but it is edited by the entire wiki community. That includes, but is not limited to, you.

  3. People will leave negative reviews. Don't worry too much about this, look at the pages for other businesses. Take a deep breath— customers sometimes forget that business owners have feelings, and write things that are much harsher than they would be willing to say in person. One thing that can be done is to include the following code right before the [[Comments]] macro: [[Include(AboutReviews)]]

  4. The wiki is a great place to explain policies that customers may not be familiar with. For example, the restaurant guide and tipping pages illustrate a few policies from an industry standpoint.

  5. Both you and your customers have important things to say, so don't remove their comments. The customs are being established now for archiving old comments from business pages so that past performance will not outweigh recent changes. The wiki isn't anti-business, but we are pro-consumer and need your input to help us achieve a good balance. Also, all edits remain in the page history, so simply removing them will appear to be an attempt to cover up problems. Try addressing the problem directly - it looks good when you leave a (friendly) reply explaining or offering to resolve any problems that patrons have noted on your page

That being said, use the wiki! The traffic generated by the wiki makes it the ideal place to get the word out about what you offer. Do you sell a unique product? Do you offer hard to find services? Let people know! Also, if you need to update prices, contact info, or store hours, doing it on the wiki is by far the most efficient way to inform customers. Above all else, don't shy away from adding to the content of your page because you feel obligated to first respond to specific user comments. Your role on the wiki is whatever you want it to be, so do whatever you feel best serves your business interests.