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About the project

Project Coordinator: Dave Meslin

Tech Support: Michael Pereira

Project Team: Bianca Wylie, Suzan Krepostman, Jodee McCaw, Ainsley Naylor, Rick Slater, Becky Smit, Bill Eadie, Jonathan Goldsbie, Katina Watson

Elections affect our lives and determine what kind of city we live in.

Yet most people don't vote. Even fewer get involved and hardly anyone actually dares to put their name on a ballot. Lack of participation can result in mediocre candidates, dull politicians and bad decisions at City Hall. Let's raise our expectations.

We know you care and we know you expect more from your city. This website is your doorway. Who Runs This Town is a non-profit voluneer-run campaign to promote civic engagement, electoral participation and democratic reform.

The vote is on November 13th, 2006. The election starts now.

If you only vote, then you can't complain afterwards. Get involved. It's your city. It's your election.