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Current Logo and Background

Current Logo

Original Logo

The original logo was no logo. Just Torontopedia! spelled out in regular type on top of the background.

The background was a panoramic image of the Scarborough Civic Centre on the annual public school jamboree day.

The Scarborough-based background was intentional, because so many of Toronto's blogs and websites use the usual downtown skyline and also have downtown-centric content to boot. If Torontopedia is going to do justice to the entire amalgamated megacity, it needs a logo at best inclusive of and at least suggestive of a wiki for North York, Scarborough, East York, Etobicoke, and yeah, even the old City of York.

As the wiki grows in community and content, it'd be great to have different logos for specific days of the year, kind of like what Google and Yahoo! do on their homepages, and exactly what can be seen on the DavisWiki Wiki Logo page.

New Logo Ideas and Concepts

Here's Rosanna Yao's idea for a logo:

The font is unlike anything on any current major Toronto website, kind of brings the font used in the 80's T.V. show, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, to mind.

Themed Logos

Toronto International Film Festival, September 6 - 15, 2007

Upcoming Logos

Chinese New Year Year of the Ox - July 26, 2009

Standard Time - 2 a.m. Sunday November 2, 2008 / Will also use for Daylight Savings Time Day

St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2009

World Water Day - March 22, 2009

Earth Hour - March 28, 2009

Canada Day - July 1, 2008

Earth Day - April 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Monday - October 8, 2007

Ontario Provincial Election Day - October 10, 2007

Canadian Day of Action to Bring the Troops home from Afghanistan

Traditional Red Poppy for Remembrance Day - November 11, 2007

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Suggested holiday logos

If you'd like to make a logo for the wiki, just upload it to this page sometime around the date of a holiday. If it's good we'll throw it up as the logo.

What do you think about the logos? Any ideas?

2007-08-15 18:18:34   I have some ideas on using lowercase stylized letters spelling torontopedia with an animated exclamation mark ! for use online. I haven't had time to flesh it out beyond a few sketches and I'll upload something as soon as I can. —HimySyed

2007-08-19 18:00:21   Just trying to bring some ideas to light — what kind of designs or motifs make you think of North York, Scarborough, East York, Etobicoke and the old City of York? Without using explicit / complex pictures? For instance, the roundabout symbol is something that doesn't encompass all of Davis, but it does a good enough job because it's something really unique, because most cities in the US don't have many roundabouts. —PhilipNeustrom

That's a very tough question to answer Philip. Since amalgamation, when five cities and one borough were forced to amalgamate, there hasn't yet emerged a single idea or symbol for the entire new city of TOronto. By default, other than city hall, this elusive symbol is often transit related or something from the downtown skyline, yet the other former cities also have their own skylines... I've been playing with Rosanna's designs a bit, and have put up a slightly modified version of her number 6. —HimySyed

2007-08-20 13:35:20   Try it out with a logo with anti-aliasing — here's one that's ready to go:

When that logo is put on a black background it looks good, because of the way I prepared it (pasting onto a black bg and then removing things using the lasso tool).

Also, try it out without the current background logo there. I think it'll look much better and crisper, regardless of what primary logo you decide on. —PhilipNeustrom

The jaggies notwithstanding atop the civic centre background, the solid letters look ummm...solid and easier to read. I going to leave this one up as the active logo and see what if any feedback we get. —HimySyed

2007-08-20 19:28:55   Do you have a larger version of the civic centre image that could be used for playing with? —PhilipNeustrom

On my photoblog here and on my flickr hereHimySyed

2007-08-21 13:12:31   I'll try and whip something up using that background if I have some time in the next few days. I'd suggest not using the background for now, though, because just the logo + black — while not probably encompassing enough — looks way more crisp for the time being? My idea is to selectively lighten the background, make it larger, and have it "fade" to black (assuming you guys stick with black up there) —PhilipNeustrom

Just trying to see how placing the Civic Centre background to the right of the Torontopedia! text logo looks like for a while.... the username and login/log out text labels does get lost though...—HimySyed

2007-09-11 00:11:32   I'm pretty sure the current background logo won't work, design-wise. Here's the best I could do:


for the logo.png. I tried making the background blend into the black. Even so, it's very difficult to make the textual logo look good on top of a varied background like that.

I'd suggest killing the background_logo. It's too varied and photographic to fit well, I think. —PhilipNeustrom

Philip, I appreciate greatly all the effort and help you've put towards the logo ideas. The current logo and background set up has grown on us. What we sort arrived at logo header-wise, is to keep the Torontopedia logo as it is now along the top right of the page against a black background, making slight graphic changes during holidays and other city wide event day(s); and to rotate the background on the top right of the page every so often to reflect a different part of the city or image about the city as a whole. This first temporary logo change is to reflect the current Toronto International Film Festival, locally known as TIFF, which is on now until September 15. —HimySyed

2007-09-20 11:12:06   I moved the background logo image of the Scarborough Civic Centre from the top right header area to the main text area, the new user and login boxes are now very obvious and not lost visually. —HimySyed