Torontopedia is maintained by a bunch of volunteers, and hosted by a few folks. As with most projects that allow anyone who walks in off the street to participate, we have to deal with the occasional jerk, spammer, or ne'er-do-well. We reserve the right to ban/warn/kick people if we feel the need to.

This page is a rough outline of Offenses, and what we do about them. It's not a complete guide, it's not exact wording or arcane magic, so don't go Wiki-Lawyering on this. Discussion on these different things (as they come up) should probably go on the Talk Page.

Basic List of Offenses

Blatant Spam (aka Bot-Spam)

Offense: Spam that looks like it came out of a bot or script, appearing on random or unexpected places.

Result: Ban of that username. Possibly a ban of that IP Address as well.

Reason: It's likely it's a spam-bot, or someone who logs into a site, and cuts and pastes spam text into it. There is a near-0 chance of them every coming back, or attempting to contribute.

Inappropriate editing or removal of comments

Users are invited and encouraged to edit Torontopedia when edits add new information or personal insight, or improve page structure or correct factual errors. Users should never edit or remove comments from other users. All members of the wiki community are entitled to express their opinions. If you believe that a particular comment is inappropriate, it constitutes a violent threat, or is needlessly and excessively profane contact an administrator.