Media Coverage/Mentions

Torontopedia! though still in our infancy has already generated some buzz in our first few months. Following are press clippings that have come our way. Please add to the list if you see Torontopedia! mentioned in your community newspaper or local media outlet.

2007-09-25: Site seeks everything you ever wanted to know about Toronto

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KarolynCoorsh joined the wiki and wrote about it in the September 2007 editions of the Bloor-Bay Town Crier (page 5) and Midtown Town Crier (page 8) community newspapers.

2007-09-12: Touting Bloghorns

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Marc Lostracco on Toronto Life's roundup of Toronto's three City Blogs and one wiki.

Touting Bloghorns

2007-07-12: Won't you be my neighbour?

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Carrie Brunet asks and answers this question in The Annex Guardian community newspaper.

Won't you be my neighbour? - Annex residents start Toronto based online encyclopedia.

2007-07-07: Wiki to the city

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Dave McGinn interviewed us some time ago and his article appears in today's National Post in their Toronto section on page 13.

Wiki to the city - National Post print edition.

Wiki to the city - PostedToronto city blog.

2007-07-01: MTML Incoming Announcements

Torontopedia was mentioned in Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy's July 2007 newsletter, Incoming in the announcements section.

2007-06-10: One-stop neighbourhood talk

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Torontopedia makes page 2 of the June edition of The Annex Gleaner community newspaper. This is a shorter version which first appeared in The Liberty Gleaner.

2007-05-25: Two municipal idols craft

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Torontopedia written up on the front page of the May/June edition of The Liberty Gleaner community newspaper.

2007-04-30: Torontopedia's being noticed...

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Torontopedia gets mention in the Toronto Star on Page B8 on Monday April, 30 2007.

Toronto faves and our very own wiki

2007-04-25: There ends the soft launch...

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BlogTO outs Torontopedia! this morning with Torontopedia Needs YOU (Yes, YOU) blog entry.

Welcome to all you BlogTO visitors.

Jump right in, look around, the water's fine!

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