Anything that increases traffic to the wiki is generally positive promotion. Greater traffic allows us to better serve the community, and brings more people likely to be interested in contributing content or making donations. Feel free to promote on your own or join one of the below listed efforts:


Linking to the wiki is one of the easiest ways to help the site, and it has a tremendous impact. Not only do links help by directly bringing people to our site, but as more accumulate around the net it also improves our search engine rankings. So help spread the word through blogs, forums, and any other sites you have access to. If you find our content interesting, help point other people to it.


Being mindful of where they are placed, this would be a good idea to get the word out. Nothing has been printed yet.

Festivals and Public Events

Hopefully, Torontopedia will be able to make it out to Festivals and other Events, set up a table or booth, open up the laptops, grab some Free WiFi, load up the Front Page and invite the general public to join our online wiki community on the spot!


Feel free to add your own ideas for promotion projects.