To Do (everybody!)

  • Wiki stuff that's important to you — socially, culturally, deliciously, etc.
  • Edit the page Toronto with some information about the city, for people who don't know anything about it. Add links to City History, Toronto Timeline, and whatever else.
  • Secret and underground passages - how about a page or two on the underground passages that connect buildings together? There are a number of websites (for example) devoted to this very activity.
    • Wiki your Complex. There are a ton of Apartment Complexes linked (though just as many still need to be), and hardly and of them have pages. Remember when you were looking for a place? Wouldn't it have been awesome to hear what people had to say about the various apartments? The good, the bad, the-anything? So create a page on your apartment complex and add it to Apartments!
    • Help us pick a Featured Page! — Think a page is cool? Or a page has potential to be awesome? Then spice up the page and suggest it in Next Featured Page!
  • Photos — Many pages contain no photos. In general, we need photos for most everyplace. While finding a random photo online might do for now, for lasting purposes, we need our own photos. Search for photo request to see where people really want a photo.
  • If you've only got 5 minutes, pick one of these pages: Wanted Pages and write it up. Or, add a link to a page with 0 links in Outgoing Links!

Links to places

  • We need to go through a lot of the stuff on the wiki and make sure it's as linked up and well-organized as we can.
  • Need a good place to put Title Index and some other important organizational tools. We could put them on the Front Page in Explore but we need to re-organize Explore in few weeks (maybe).

See also: Useful Pages, links provided there will give you some good ideas for improving the site.