Name: William P. Hubbard (1842-1935)

Position: Master Baker and Alderman for Toronto's Ward 4.

William P. Hubbard, in 1893 ran for the office of Alderman in Toronto's Ward 4. He lost in 1893 but won a seat the next year and was re-elected 13 times in the next 13 years.

He served eight years on the Board of Control and in 1906 and 1907, he served as Acting Mayor.

Hubbard championed public energy and small Chinese laundries. Hubbard was also persuaded the City to acquire the Toronto Islands.

The City has named a Race Relations Award to honour him.

William P. Hubbard was the son of freed slaves from Virginia. He was Toronto's first black deputy Mayor.

He is Gone but not forgotten.

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