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Mission Statement
WHEN works with communities on prevention initiatives, addressing environmental links to health.

Since its inception in 1994, Women's Healthy Environments Network has been educating the general public, media and policy makers to the fact that environmental health is a key determinant of public health.

WHEN actively promotes the primary prevention of environmentally linked health conditions such as cancer, asthma, immune system related conditions and others by advocating the reduction of toxic emissions; a shift to safe production models, biological agriculture and lawn care; more efficient, renewable energy sources; affordable public transportation; and more.

While WHEN focuses on the primary prevention of women's reproductive health problems, it also addresses other environmentally linked health issues. Recognizing that growing numbers of people are calling for clean and safe air, food, water and soil, WHEN routinely organizes and participates on many different levels in a variety of activities. Information is disseminated through workshops, courses, public meetings, conferences, panel discussions, and displays; in various venues such as communities, schools, universities, and workplaces.

WHEN builds networks with others at local, national and international levels to engage and educate about the links between the environment and our health, including:

  • community groups
  • parents
  • teachers and academics
  • health professionals
  • labour unions
  • general public
  • media
  • policy makers

Our programs give credence to community voices calling for more holistic environmental and preventive approaches to health, justice and planetary sustainability.