Yufi of YufiFruits in Kensington Market. What do you do if your name is Yufi, you had fun running a lemonade stand as a kid, you grow up, and you still want to run a lemonade stand?

You do what Yufi has done: open up a YufiFruits stand in Kensington Market during Pedestrian Sundays and make homemade freshly squeezed organic juice for anyone who walks by.

YufiFruits is open during weekends across from Bellevue Square at Augusta Avenue and Wales Avenue in Kensington Market.

Yufi squeezes the grapefruits, lemons, and other citrus fruits right in front of you and then adds a mint leaf before handing you your juice drink.

Cups are $2.00 for Lemonade.

$4.00 for everything else.