What do you know about Delta Gamma - University Of Arizona?

Delta Gamma is a sorority located at 1448 E first street Tucson, Arizona 85719. This is the home of many women who are apart of this wonderful chapter. Delta Gamma was initially founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi. Three women had founded this chapter by the names of: Anna Boyd, Mary Comfort and Eva Webb. The motto of this chapter is known as "Do Good" which had been implemented for many years now. After these three women had started up the chapter, they grew it to become a home for 150 other women to join. Just recently, in 2018 Delta Gamma became a home for over 250,000 members. The main message of Delta Gamma is to inspire all women across the country. This chapter will and has never discriminated women of any race, religion, or sexual orientation. The foundation of this chapter initially promotes service for sight, which is a foundation helping those who are visually impaired. Ruth Billow is the women who founded service for sight in 1936, Delta Gamma is one of the only houses who has their own philanthropy. Even so, Delta Gamma Foundation has given over $2,800,000 to the visually impaired to promote sight to adults and children. Each year, Delta Gamma hosts an event that contributes to the support of the visually impaired. This is known as "Anchorsplash" and has helped raised money for the philanthropy. Another three events that have taken place are known as, anchorman, dominos with DG's, and even fun synchronized swimming competitions. Since COVID there has been less events that are held in person, however there are not canceled altogether. 

This image represents Delta Gamma, and how the anchor is a major symbol in this chapter because it means hope. In the beginning of this chapter, the ladies of Delta Gamma gathered around and discussed what they wanted to represent the chapter best. The original pin for this chapter was an "H" to symbolize hope, though in 1877 the ladies quickly turned it to become an anchor. The colors for Delta Gamma are bronze, pink, and blue. 

This is an old image of what the house on greek row used to look like, since 2019 there has been many changes to the house. The whole outside has been redone, making the exterior have more of a white finish. The house on the inside has many features that make it look as if it were a boat. The theme to Delta Gamma is anchors therefore making the boat theme very fitting. The chapter as a whole does an amazing job at bringing together like minded strong women from every type of background. This is why this chapter is so open to new perspectives, as well as celebrating life's differences. 

Every year, there is an event where older sisters of the chapter get to select a little sister to share a wonderful bond with. This is held after initiation where a member of the sophomore class picks out a freshman they felt closest to therefore creating an even deeper bond between the two. This event has let many of the new members felt more welcomed into the chapter since they have a bigger sister to guide them through the years to come. This is a heartwarming experience that allows members of the chapter a chance to join something that helps them adventure out of their comfort zone at times. The women of Delta Gamma are always welcoming new members with a warm smile, and are known for being very laid back. 



This is the national symbol of an anchor, ladies throughout the chapter have been known to "throw up what they know" which is the meaning behind this particular hand movement. This is a picture during recruitment which is where new freshmen join the chapter and create long lasting memories with their sisters. Recruitment is a fun and exciting process that takes place during the week of august. This is where freshmen come and decide what house on greek row they best fit in. With Delta Gamma, they do a wonderful job at making girls feel at home, and comfortable. This process is long but worth it because at the end, they are welcomed into a loving home away from home. Recruitment dates are chosen by the Panhellenic community, though they usually begin in late summer. When new members are initiated into the house for life, the flower they recieve in the chapter is a white rose, which contributes to the symbol of hope as stated previously. 


There is also a way that Delta Gamma helps those who are in need of a loan in case the dues are too expensive. This student loan offers women of Delta Gamma up to $2,000 dollars towards their educational expenses, which is paid back three months after graduation. There are also scholarships that are available for the women of Delta Gamma so that they are able to afford the chapter dues. Life of a sorority student can be quite tough, though with many scholarships and ways to pay later Delta Gamma gives each women a chance to join such a wonderful chapter. 


Due to the philanthropy service for sight, Delta Gamma was awarded a grant of $484,000 dollars to the national organizations to fund each program that benefits the visually impaired, giving them the life they truly deserve.