Experience at Guadalajara Grill

About: Guadalajara Grill is a Mexican Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona and it is located on 1220 E Prince Road. A woman named Emma Yolanda Vera opened up the grill and she was from Guadalajara, Mexico. She wanted to open up a restaurant that had great Mexican Food and that was very family friendly. Inside, there is a full bar and Mexican artwork all around the walls of the restaurant which make you feel connected to your Mexican culture. There is also nightly live Mariachi music to watch and listen to while enjoying the Mexican food. The Grill is open Sunday-Thursday from 10AM to 10PM and Friday to Saturday from 10AM to 12AM.

MenuThe restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also many drinks and deserts to choose from.  The bar has an assortment of drinks. There are delicious margaritas made frozen or on the rocks, tons of cocktails, beer, wine, and martinis.  The menu consists of appetizers, fajitas, chicken, beef, soups, salads, and fish. Some delicious appetizers include fresh guacamole, tostadas, and mini-chimis. The restaurant serves delicious burritos, taquitos, tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas. Vegetarian? They have a section on the menu just for vegetarians. 

Experience: When I entered this place, Guadalajara Grill the place was filled with so many cultural symbols on the wall and kind of felt like I was in an ancient church because there were so many ancient pictures on the wall. This place was cool and relevant to what I was learning about in a Latin American culture class and symbols I learned in the class. When I walked into this place Guadalajara Grill it was a very colorful setting and it had different color little towel like objects above and they were all different colors it was very cool. I was wondering while I was looking at all the colors if they were symbols  I ate a Shrimp-Fest Fajita and I’ve never had a fajita before, so this was great experience for me. It was served on a skillet and the skillet was full of very hot shrimp covered in hot fajita peppers and onions and I’m not going to lie it was super delicious. I told the waiter I’ve never had a fajita before and when the waiter brought it out she was surrounded by many other waiters. They stared at me and waited for me to take a bite into the fajita and I loved it after one bite. My eyes lit up and my tongue tingled because it was so spicy and hot. They were so happy that I loved it and that’s why I feel like I was treated like a superstar. After, I took the bite I felt like a champion because whenever I was kid and tried new foods my dad would tell me I’m a champion and it made me feel like I was at home. This restaurant reminded me of being at home and it reminded me of my culture back home and that was pretty cool. The pictures on the wall were like ancient paintings that reminded me of what I wrote about in the essay for one of my classes because the people were wearing jewelry that represented their religion I’m pretty sure. It was very cool to go to a restaurant and it have a cultural significance not only on the walls but on me as a person.


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