The Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin          The Cookie Cabin has been family owned and operated since 1990. With its classic log cabin architecture, cozy inside fire and that memorable wafting smell of freshly backed treats, The Cookie Cabin is an admired hidden gem within the mountain ranges. The Cookie Cabin is located in Summerhaven, Arizona at the top of Mt. Lemmon; A part of the Santa Catalina Mountains in the Coronado National Park. Summerhaven is a small town near the summit, home to the world-famous colossal cookies. The Cookie Cabin was originally named Cabins and Cookies, and was founded in 1990 by Vic Zimmerman, a graduate of the University of Arizona. His business started out as tiny shack selling homemade cookies, before it quickly became a beloved and well-known local attraction at the top of Mount Lemmon.[1] Deborah Lee Beal, a close friend to Vic Zimmerman, was the original baker and worked at Cabins and Cookies for over 14 years. As the business grew, so did their menu with additional savory and sweet treats ready to order, freshly baked right then and there. With their mission being toserve delicious, tasty food that would make Grandma proud, Cabins and Cookies quickly became a community favorite.[2]

Before and After Photographs of The Cookie Cabin Rebuilt From the Aspen Fire            In June 2003, Cabins and Cookies fell victim to the devastating Aspen Fire and went up in flames. The fire started in Marshall Gulch and quickly swept up to the top of the mountain, through small town Summerhaven, within only two days later.[3] According the fire department, the fire was human-caused and burned over 85,000 acres, severely destroying 340 buildings throughout the mountain top’s sanctuary, Summerhaven.[4] Vic Zimmerman’s widely cherished Cabins and Cookies’ original structure and properties were destroyed after being completely burned to the ground. The Cabins and Cookies building was included in Vic Zimmerman purchase of the “Pine Cone Suites,” along with a number other estates which were also left devastated from the fire. 

            Years later, the community of Summerhaven literally rose from the ashes and began operating again at its original pace. Vic Zimmerman, who decided not to rebuild his five other lost properties of the fire, instead focused on rebuilding and expanding his widely missed business.[5] In 2004, the cabin was rebuilt, and the name was changed to the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin. The building is now two stories with a new and improved kitchen twice as big, yet still holds that warm, cozy, and rustic atmosphere of its original, authentic self. The staff, the menu and even the cookies grew in size; Now as big as your head. Nowadays, the menu includes an arrangement of foods beyond the world-famous cookies, all made with fresh ingredients from scratch, constantly cooking in the ovens behind the register. The Cabin has now been run by several generations of the original family,[1] whom have watched this small attraction grow over the years with a constant line of customers far out the door. It remains a community favorite and is one of the most popular end destinations on the mountain that has successfully continued to bring Arizona, particularly Tucson, residents into the mountains. The Cookie Cabin offers indoor seating along with a pleasantly large outdoor patio, the perfect communal joint for both your kids and pets. It is the perfect place for informal dining, especially for large groups, as well as ordering for take-out up at the kitchen window inside.Whether it be a hot summer’s day or the morning after snowfall, eating one of these renowned cookies at The Cookie Cabin is now reason enough to journey up the curvy Catalina Highway to this hidden little town just below Mt. Lemmon’s 9,157-ft. summit. After the long climb up with scenery changing from a sea of cacti to a forest of pine trees, The Cookie Cabin will reward you with a different kind of “desert” experience. 

Cookie Cabin is filled with such an amazing history behind it and really has a connection to the land its on. Its come back from the fire has been amazing. The Cookie Cabin grew physically and emotionally now with all the history behind it. From all this knowledge and background on the Cookie Cabin their is also a sense of personality with the Cookie Cabin. Through all the hardship the land of Summerhaven went through physically with the fire they now have grown into a wonderful town with so much culture and happiness. The menu itself at the Cookie Cabin is welcoming and the food is phenomenal. The layout and view you have from the restaurant is so comfortable and beautiful. 


Personal Experience: 

The Cookie Cabin was such a wonderful experience, coming from the East Coast there is no place like this is in the Tucson. When I went to Mt Lemmon, I discovered the cookie cabin which is a small restaurant on the mountain that serves ice cream, pizza and cookies which they are mainly known for. My experience at the cookie cabin was amazing, I went with some of my friends after it had just snowed. When we went, we ordered a chocolate chip cookie, and got to watch the whole thing be prepared. The way that the restaurant is laid out, is that it is very organized, you order at the front counter and sit down and wait, and while you wait you are able to see all of your food being prepared. Once my friends and I received our cookie, we chose to sit outside. I think that sitting outside really completed the whole the experience, as we ate our freshly baked, warm cookie, it was a crisp cold outside with snow surrounding us really made it feel like home to me which was what I loved. I personally would recommend Cookie Cabin as a great tourist center for people visiting Tucson or anywhere around the area. The atmosphere is so family friendly and a great way to enjoy the winter. Cookie Cabin is a great way to escape the desert and enjoy the desserts!





         12781 N. Sabino Canyon Park

         Mt Lemmon, AZ 85619

Phone Number:  (520)576-1010


            Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

            (subject to change depending on whether conditions)

            Note: They stop using the ovens after 4:30 and sell out with what they have left already prepared.


            Credit cards accepted

             Public restrooms  

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Most Popular) With a Natural Spiced Cider

Ice Cream Cookie with Whipped Cream, Sprinkles and Caramel Syrup

Ice Cream Cookie with Four Scoops of Vanilla

16" Pizzas with Available Toppings

Sampler (Smaller selection of each cookie)

Two Half Slices of the Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

Chili Dog with Cheese, Onions and a Side of Chips

 Rachel Cookie (Oats, Coconut & Butterscotch) and Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream            

            Take-out options

            Public parking                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

            Indoor and outdoor seating

            Pet friendly


COOKIE CABIN MENU:                                                                                              

Giant Homemade Cookies $7

            - Chocolate Chip

            - Oatmeal Raisin

            - Rachel (Oats, Coconut & Butterscotch)

            - Peanut Butter

            - Brownie 

            - White Chocolate Macadamia.

            - Sampler $8 (Smaller selection of each cookie)

Ice Cream (Vanilla)

            - Single $2

            - Double $4

            - Triple Scoop $6

            - Ice Cream Cookie (4 scoops of ice cream on top of any cookie) $12

            - Root Beer Float $8

            Toppings: (Unlimited with purchase)

                        -Whipped cream

                        - Sprinkles

                        - Peanuts

                        - Chocolate, caramel or strawberry syrup


            -Full Slice (Cheese or Pepperoni) $8

            - Half Slice (Cheese or Pepperoni) $4

            - 16” (All toppings included) $30


                        - Black olives

                        - Bell peppers

                        - Mushrooms

                        - Onions

                        - Pepperoni 

                        - Sausage


            -Meat $9 

            - Veggie $9


            - Homemade BBQ chicken sandwich- $7

            - Hotdog $7

            - Chili Dog- $7/7

            (All served with cheese, onions and chips)

16oz Chili Bowl- $11

            (Served with cheese, onions and crackers)


            - Cold Drinks $3

                        - Coke

                        - Diet coke

                        - Sprite

                        - Dr. Pepper

                        - Lemonade

                        - Root Beer 

                        - Milk

            - Hot Drinks

                        - Coffee $4

                        - Tea $4

                        - Hot Chocolate $5

                        - Natural Spiced Cider $5


The Cookie Cabin's Recent Donations: 

St. Mark's Preschool and Kindergarten (June, 2016)

Sam Hughes Elementary School (June, 2016)

Camp Wildcat Auction (June, 2016)

 Youth On Their Own (June, 2016)

Mt. Lemmon Home Owner's Association (June, 2016)

Reid Park Zoo (June, 2016)


Further Information:

For more information, check out the Cookie Cabin’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.



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