The Tucson Children's Museum is a great place to take children for a fun and educational day.  It does not take a lot of money to be able to visit this museum at only eight dollars per person.  This museum holds a variety of exhibits of children to explore their own personalities, bodies, science, and different occupations.  It is a family orientated facility that allows opportunities for volunteer work and donation.  The audience intended for the Tucson Children's Museum is around of the ages from 2-13.  This Museum has been improved through out four years in the Tucson area and is becoming more and more innovative for children and families every year.  It continues to grow every single day with the help of donations from visitors and sponsors.

Their mission statement states:

To provide fun, play-based, interactive, hands-on learning experiences for children and their families.

Tucson Children's Museum

Each exhibit allows an interactive experience for the children who visit the museum.  Every station has an opportunity for kids to not only have fun and be creative but to learn something without even realizing it.  Each exhibit is driven for to a certain kid as well.  Some subjects in which these exhibits demonstrate are health, science, math, communication, and real life experience.

The different exhibits in which are included in this museum are the following:


This area is more towards that of science and how it works.  It allows children to play with toys in which blow air, make light, and create static.  There is one exhibit in which children can turn a wheel as quickly as possible in order to create their own source of light.

-Public Safety

The Public Safety area demonstrates a toy firefighter truck, police motorcycle, and ambulance so that children can see the kind of tools and vehicles these occupations need on a day to day basis.  This can also inspire children with how important police and fireman are to the community.  

-Whistle Stop Gallery

Kids interested in trains and transportation should make stop here to watch these vehicles come to life and see how they move.

-Build It

Build It offers an area for those kids who like to get interactive and make their own kind of toys and structures.  There are building blocks and wooden materials in which children who have a knack for architecture can create their own kind of world.

-Pet Vet

This station gives kids an opportunity to act like a veterinarian and learn more about animals and their bodies. 


This exhibit demonstrates larger than life body parts in which kids can touch and learn what they do for human's bodies.


Technology is becoming a giant part of the world and this station allows kid friendly games in which involve projections and computers.

-Mini Nano Exhibit

This is an area in which kids all about science can play with tools and structures.

-Wee World

This is a section for kids four or younger so they have a place in which they can play.  Because of this station the museum becomes more diverse and specific to different age groups.  

-Investigation Station

This area is more towards kids who enjoy math and science.  There are interactive experiments in which children can jump, hop, and use their strength to learn more about how the world works.


This is the area for arts in crafts in which chalkboards, markers, and paint are all provided.  

  • There is also an additional area near the Bodology exhibit in which children can learn about foods, health and take a step into the grown up world.  There is a pretend grocery and check out station.  A pretend farm and kitchen is also available for children to learn how things grow and what healthy food choices are.


These exhibits are not the only thing this Museum provides.  There are also monthly activities in which fundraisers are put on and special events take place, different and specific to every given month.  Big groups can even rent out the place in order to make it beneficial for a more specific group of people.  This museum gives back to the community by creating a place in which children can explore and make education more fun.  It is a known very well through out the Tucson city and a popular destination for school field trips and children's clubs.   This museum is kept well clean and there are near by parks that are great during the summers.  It is an important destination for that of Tucson's younger population and a great landmark to many people's childhood.