Kappa Kappa Gamma is located on 1435 E 2nd St, in Tucson Arizona. Kappa is a leading organization that succeeds on tradition, leadership, academics and friendship, spreading our kindness to philanthropic efforts and sisterhood events, Kappa holds true to their kindness and opportunity for growth. Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on October 13, 1870 by six women at Monmouth College in Illinois. The six women created this chapter in hopes of influencing women to impact the world, and this was just the first step. During the discovery, they carefully placed an overarching motto to fit the values and characteristics of what they wanted to be considered a loyal member of Kappa. “Dream Boldly. Livy Fully.” Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gamma Zeta Chapter was introduced to The University of Arizona on January 3, 1920.





As members of Kappa Kappa Gamma, we are proud to partner with the national philanthropy, Reading Is Fundamental (RIF). Their mission targets children who struggle to read because of their minimal exposure to books. The needful children are given encouragement and motivation to expand their literacy knowledge. Our chapter and RIF strives to create more fun ways of reading to benefit the lives of children lacking the resources needed to achieve grade-level literacy. The University of Arizona members of Kappa hold annual reading events with engaging activities and free books. Members of Kappa are given the opportunity to be involved and offer support as reading buddies, tutors and mentors to the children.

Hoops for Hope is an annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament, raising over $30,709 for Stand Up to Cancer two years ago. This event attracts over 900 students that come together to play their hearts out for a good cause. Kappa holds a special tradition where each year we dedicate our earnings and efforts to a charitable organization chosen specifically by an existing member in the house. The foundation we choose to recognize holds a close, special place in our hearts. The organization changes each year determined by a member who is passionate about something that they want the entire chapter to recognize and spread awareness to. Kappa is the only chapter that follows the lines of switching the charity each year depending on who is an existing member.







The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation began with a Student Aid Fund at General Convention in 1902, then progressed in 1989 by combining existing Kappa philanthropic funds into the non-profit corporation we see today. The Foundation proudly supports their members and assists the individuals with financial assistance when needed. The Foundation seeks to fund educational and leadership programs at every stage of one’s membership. They offer many scholarships and grants to inspire members to work towards their educational dreams.

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The values we hold as members are truth, loyalty, purity, generosity, and faithful service. The key represents unlocking the mysteries in science, literature and art instilled in Kappa’s values. The symbol of the Fleur de Lis symbolizes an Iris which represents dignity and grace. Another symbol, the owl reflects Kappa's connection to wisdom. Finally, the sapphire, Kappas colors of light blue and dark blue are a symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy.






Across 145 Kappa Chapters, there are 260,000 members. Reaching the milestone of members, Kappa celebrated their 142nd anniversary this past October and passing a quarter of a million initiated members since their founded day in 1870. Kappa strives to connect their members through sisterhood events and other outside activities. This helps form a sisterhood that will last a lifetime. Kappa Kappa Gamma aspires to create a place for members to achieve positivity, loyalty, and adhere to our standards of academia.




The original house, the "Kappa Kottage," a house on an adjacent lot, was remodeled and first used in 1956-1957, and served as our home for a plethora of years before being purchased by the Gamma Zeta Building Association. Since that purchase Kappa is now home to 96 women and the house has been rebuilt to reflect our values and resembles the shape of a key and accommodates  the abundance of members wishing to live with their sisters in the chapter house. This house has become a place for chapter members to eat meals, study and relax. As aforementioned, at an aerial view the Kappa house, the shaping of the multiple attached houses configures into the shape of a key, which displays our chapters symbol. Our house is now one of the largest on campus, providing our members with the greatest amount of live in opportunities.





Recruitment is held every fall, consisting of the existing members searching for the potential fitting members of Kappa. Kappa holds high standards for their academic and morals. Kappa Kappa Gamma has always been the home away from home. It’s a place to be yourself and find other people to make the transition from high school a breeze. Although college might seem like you’re going through a crazy transition, the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma will keep you grounded and make you feel at home.





Academics and leadership play a huge role in Kappa's values. The top priority for Kappa is maintaining a high GPA. However, a larger role of a Kappa member is one’s philanthropic contributions and giving back to the community, but maintaining a good GPA benefits the chapter as a whole. The given resources provide each member with an amble opportunity to succeed for themselves and the chapter as a whole. Gamma Zeta also rewards that effort by providing all members who receive a 3.5 GPA or higher with a Smart Cookies certificate, and a 4.0 GPA with a Kappa pearl they attach and wear with their golden key pin.