The Foothills mall was opened in 1982. During the 1990's the mall had many stores close down and new ones come in. now in the 2010's the mall is going through hard times, because of another mall that opened 15 minutes away in the town of Marana. This is because most of the business that were in the Foothills mall moved to the newer mall. The malls most prominent stores and places are Barnes & Noble, Ross , a movie theater, and its food court.

The Movie Theater which is called AMC Loews Foothills 15 has with sofa like seats, and offers a rewards card for all AMC theaters; The theaters also does not open until 1:30 pm during weekdays. The prices for an adult with the rewards card is $3.99. 

The Barns & Nobel is the only store that is two stories high in the mall. The second floor has a kids area; this area has most of the kids books that are in the store, a toy train set for kids to play with that has been their forever; and kids reading area. Outside the kids area on the second floor they sell lego playsets. On the first floor right as you walk in you can find new releases, a kiosk for nooks, and magazines. As you walk towards that back of the first floor you can everything from board games to comics and manga, and teen fiction. In the back of the store is their movie and music section.   

In the food court you can find fast food chains like Arby's, Panda Express, and Sbarro. Outside the food court entrance you can find a Sushi Garden.

The malls decor has not change much over the years; the tile on the floor uses a spiral pattern with the colors red, purple, aqua blue, and tan. 


 The Movie Theater


Barns & Noble


The Food Court

A clothing store that is closed down

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