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The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch can be found in the Pinal County, Arizona area! It is home to many animals all of which include: String-rays, Ostriches, Rainbow Lorikeets, Boer Goats, Fallow Deer, Miniature Donkeys, Dwarf Goats, Pekin Ducks, St. Croix Sheep, Parakeets, Bunnies, and Diving Ducks. When you walk inside the big white tent you will see the Diving Ducks exhibit and the feeding stingrays exhibit. Then when you go outside you will see all of the other furry animals that you can hand feed and pet. This attraction is located on the side of the road and you can't miss it. It is open to the public as long as you bring a mask of course. The ranch has been featured on many Tv shows such as "Larry the Cable Guy - only in America", "Extreme Roadside Attractions", "Chef vs City", "Amazing Animals", "Arizona Highways" and others. The ranch was created in 1999 but had the option of only feeding ostriches. Now you can see goats in a "penthouse", colorful birds in a large cage and let them land on you, and even pet stingrays. The average estimated time it takes to fully enjoy the walk through and feeding experience takes about 45 minutes! (Well worth your money). The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch was created in 1999 beginning with just a tent and a little table on the side of the I-10 Highway. This amazing business has been passed down by three generations of families and is solely a family owned business. The current owner’s name is Danna Cogburn Barrett. It costs approximately one thousand dollars a month just to feed the animals. Back in the beginning when the family business was started, it is said that they would have been forced to close down but they started an animal adoption program that saved them from their debts. This option is still available today. They have an option to adopt any of the animals at the farm today between the costs of $25 - $75. However it is no typical adoption, when adopting an animal from the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, you can pick an animal to call “yours” but the animal stays happy, healthy, and well taken care of at the ranch. You receive a certificate and a stuffed animal or the animal that you decided to adopt. There are two special animals, the stars of the show, that you can adopt / donate for $250. Smiley the donkey and Sherbert the goat are their names and the package comes with a hand painted ostrich egg shell, acrylic egg stand, a Smiley or Sherbert magnet, a gift card for two feeding admissions, and a “stars of the show” post card. Tragic struct for the family owned business on February 3rd, 2002. On the morning of this day, a hot air balloon spooked the ostriches on the ranch and created chaos which led to a huge stampede. Because of the stampede, they demolished everything in their path. The ostriches even ran over each other causing over 1000 ostrich deaths. One person said that the aftermath looked like a tornado came through and destroyed the place leaving the ostrich part of the ranch belly up. After this accident, they came up with the bright idea of making the ostrich ranch into a petting zoo with a wide variety of animals. Back in November of 2019 I had the joy of visiting this amazing facility! It was a wonderful and memorable experience. It is held on a whopping for acres of property right at the bottom of a big mountain. Once you are done enjoying your feeding / viewing experience, you can visit the gift shop which holds many treasures and souvenirs from the farm. One cool thing that the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich ranch has to offer is you can buy real ostrich eggs and take them home! They also sell ostrich jerky however it is not fresh from the live ostriches. This ranch is located at 17599 E Peak Ln Picacho, AZ 85141 right off of the I-10. The hours are determined based on what month / season of the year it is. From May - September they are open Friday through Monday at 8am - 2pm. The best way to reach them is by calling their number at (520) 466-3658. They have two feeding packages available. The first one costs $12 and includes feed for all of the animals not including the stingray feed. The second, and best deal, costs $15 and it includes food for all of the animals including the stingray feed. Not only can you feed the stingrays and all of the animals, but you can pet them. From experience all of the animals at the ranch are super nice and kid friendly. Overall, it is quite impressive that the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is still up and running today despite the balloon accident and the current pandemic that is going on. They are taking all of the required precautions very seriously. Such as wearing a mask, having hand sanitizer stations around the site, and only letting 33 people into the facility at a time. 


Fun Fact: Ozzy Osbourne visited the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch to film a documentary in November of 2019.







Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch.


Ostrich at the Ranch.


Rainbow Lorikeets at the ranch.


The Hole in the Wall Goat Gang (where you can feed the goats).


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