Cat Poland, performing under the stage name Lily DeVille, created Tulsa's first burlesque troupe, the Spiderlillies, in 2003 with Kira Siegfried (Kira Sutra, later Kira von Sutra), Lindsay Saunders ( Charlotte Satire), Laura Durler (Auburn Thunder), Chelsea Cook (Gypsy Rose Lea), Brandy Illiff, (Firefly), Ali Pullen (Roxy Sheridan),  Destiny Green (Destiny), Stephanie Oliver (Veronica Valentine), Miranda Rivera (Poison Envy), and Sarah Strickland (Trixie LaRue). The girls performed together as the Spiderlillies at a variety of venues around town including the Blue Dome, then known as Route 66, the Nightingale Theatre, among others until March, 2006, when the group split up after experiencing a schism.  Cat Poland continues to perform burlesque in Tulsa, currently under the stage name KitCat Cadillac, as a solo performer and with the troupe Dead Sexy, where all the performers dress as zombies for each performance.  Dead Sexy was created in 2009  by Cat Poland and Chandra Hall, accompanied by Sabrina McHan, Katie Wells, Jessica Derossett, and Vanessa Von Thun.   Originally a zombie burlesque band, the girls would sing and dance with a three piece rock and roll band backing them, usually a 10 song set, with each song the girls would remove another layer of clothing until the finale, where they would remove a top panty, revealing a g-string, and remove their bras, revealing pasties.  The band, with Steve Sweetko on guitar, Jake Sasser on bass, and Gary Davison on drums, departed in 2012, but the girls carried on, no longer singing, but doing more "traditional" burlesque in that they removed many items of clothing during the course of one or two songs.  Some of the songs the band covered include "13 Women" by the Renegades, "Be a Caveman" by the Avengers, "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett, "Ain't Got Soul" by the Pandoras, "Dirty Red" by the Morlocks, and "Bad News Travels Fast" by the Fuzztones, among others.