Charlotte's Muse Golden Girls Home
6104 N. Boulder Ave.
Post from Craiglist

Do you remember Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia? They started something. It's a great idea for a group of mature women to live together, and it's called a "Golden Girls Home." These are women who share their homes with other women as friends and companions.

The Golden Girls Network is a place of safety and integrity that soothes a woman's mind, body, and spirit. It is a supportive and nurturing network which improves the quality of life and enchances self-reliance for single mature women by connecting them through shared living and social networking. 

Charlotte's Muse is a rustic but luxurious 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with beautifully finished hardwood floors throughout. It is located in a rural neighborhood, just minutes from Downtown Tulsa, and near a bike path. All bills paid, no smoking allowed, and outside pets are okay. Deposit: $300 without pets; $600 with pets. Maintenance and security are on call 24/7.

Come experience an urban oasis of peace, creativity, and tranquility. It features a planned chicken coop, beehives, pet shed, growers' market, and rainwater collection system! Believe and live this oft-quoted cliche: Be the change you want your world to be.

Charlotte's is also an incubator for developing ideas into sustainable lifestyles with its off-grid, solar-powered, communal-style shared spaces, kitchen, and composting bathroom. There is personal living space for breathing, studying, meditating etc etc etc.

We are part of the Food Swap Network, hosting monthly Sunday Soups.

Wi-fi connection for entrepreneurs, etsyiers, ebayers. Greywater recycling vegetable and fruit garden. Chicken, goats, honey bees, and rabbits. Lotsa art repurposed, recycled from used tires, plastic bottles, bicycle frames, etc etc etc. Back to the Sixties communal vibe. 

No motor vehicle or don't want to own one? NO problem. Use one of our communal vehicles.

Osage bike trail connects Downtown Tulsa. Ten minutes to grocery store by bike. Third Place Community Garden, 5 minutes. Scenic, low motor vehicle traffic views. 

If you've ever been to Burning Man or Rainbow Gathering and thought it would really be neato to live like that all year round, amongst like-minded urbanauts, with envious friends always visiting, this is for you. Somebody is always starting a new project. We are not exactly sure what to do with a Tesla coil, but, hey, bring it!

Rustic setting, within Tulsa City Limits. Horses visit regularly. Canya dig it?