TravelOK shares Oklahoma's Must-See Scares: Top Haunted Houses 

If you’re searching for top-notch terror this Halloween season, then read on to discover the top haunted house attractions in the state – we dare you! 

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Hex House [vertical file].

Haunted houses [vertical file].

Look also to see if there is a vertical file about the particular home (haunted) or person (the haunter)


Architecture - Homes - Brady Mansion [vertical file].

Brady, Tate -- Oklahoma -- Tulsa. 


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Tulsa's haunted memories / Teri French

ISBN: 9780738583877

Welcome to a window into the past. Tulsa's Haunted Memories explores the forgotten history and lost folklore of "America's Most Beautiful City." Tulsa's haunting history will captivate the reader with the secrets it holds from its intriguing past. Mystery and mystique follow Tulsa's urban legends and prove that truth can be stranger than fiction. Once known as the oil capital of the world, its streets were not only lined in "Black Gold," but also tales of a time when ruthlessness and lawlessness ruled the city. Discover these places and stories that have left their ghostly impressions on Tulsa.
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Mysterious Oklahoma : eerie true tales from the Sooner State / David A. Farris.
ISBN: 0964692201

Do you know where in Oklahoma you're most likely to see mysterious lights in the sky? How about haunted places where you may come face to face with a ghost? Mysterious Oklahoma will be your tour guide to the state's little known spooky spots. You'll learn of places where strange ape-like creatures have been reported, as well as mysterious large cats, and just plain strange critters in general. The hard to believe tales the reader will encounter in this book are accompanied by references to help sway the hardest core of skeptics. Mysterious Oklahoma examines the world's most perplexing mysteries from an Oklahoman perspective.

More mysterious Oklahoma : eerie true tales from the Sooner State / David A. Ferris. 

ISBN: 0964692228

Come discover the mysterious history of Oklahoma you never knew existed. From strange lights in the sky to strange creatures in the woods, mysteries and legends told for generations have become state folklore. If you know where to look, the Sooner State can be a spooky place.

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Weird Oklahoma : your travel guide to Oklahoma's local legends and best kept secrets / by Wesley Treat ; Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, executive editors

ISBN: 9781402754364

Oklahoma has a history that's both notorious and peculiar, from legendary natives like Giggling Granny-a jovial woman responsible for as many as eleven murders-to Shaman's Portal, a gateway said to have swallowed handfuls of unsuspecting travelers over the last few centuries. And keep your camera at the ready for shape-shifting "manimals"! On this tour of the Sooner State, you'll encounter the outlandish, exceptional, and bizarre.

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Ghostlahoma : over 100 years of Oklahoma's haunted history / Tonya Hacker & Tammy Wilson.

ISBN: 9781892523648

Oklahoma, Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain - and Ghosts of the Past Still Linger! With over 100 years under its belt, Oklahoma has not only a very colorful, but also a very haunted history. Ghostlahoma is the first book on the market that is solely dedicated to Oklahoma ghost stories and it will take you from the very first published ghost story in Oklahoma to specters of the present day, chilling you with tales of phantom hitch hikers and warming you with stories of "visiting" loved ones. Everyone has a ghost story -- even people that "don't believe in that stuff"-- and the stories that comprise Ghostlahoma were submitted by, and in many instances told by, the people that experienced them. So, we invite you to join us as we travel through the haunted history of Ghostlahoma in a way that has never been done before!

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Haunted theaters : playhouse phantoms, opera house horrors, and backstage banshees / retold by Tom Ogden

ISBN: 9780762749492

Haunted Theaters comprises more than two dozen suspenseful stories of spooky happenings and ghostly tales in historic theaters, opera houses, and other stages in the United States (Broadway and beyond), Canada, and England. Some of the spirits are actors; some are members of the audience; others are theater owners, dedicated workers, or volunteers. All of these tales are guaranteed to entertain-and have readers clenching their teeth as that ghostly curtain rises again and again. . . .

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