The Greater Tulsa Hispanic Affairs Commission celebrates Latinx Excellence in Education every year by awarding outstanding Hispanic scholars, community volunteers and workers in education certificates signed by the Mayor and the Commission Chair.

In his short life, Tomás Rivera experienced the extremes of human existence.  His childhood and youth were spent in hard physical labor in migrant farm labor camps and he dedicated himself to the hard intellectual labor it took to rise to the top of his professions, the literary and the academic, battling discrimination along the way [...]  Besides his dedication to hard work, Rivera was able to rise above humble beginnings and adversity, thanks to his dogged persistence.  When he was told there were no English teaching jobs available in the school district, he understood the true message to be there were no English teaching jobs for Chicanos in spite of his BA in English.  He went back...and got a master's degree in Spanish literature and a doctorate in romance languages... from the University of Oklahoma (and) accomplished a lifetime of firsts.  [From The Chicano Movement by Sara Martínez, p. 44-46]

Rivera Ceremony history:  In 2014 for the first time, we honored the following Latinx seniors from Tulsa and the surrounding area who had been selected as National Hispanic Merit Scholars:

Sophia Álvarez, Booker T. Washington HS

Valeria Coussa, Booker T. Washington HS

Nena Underwood, Broken Arrow HS

Daniela Rosales, Broken Arrow HS

Nicolás Sánchez, Broken Arrow HS

Victoria E. Navarette Crynes, Jenks HS

Octavio Serrano, Jenks HS

Kathryn Roberts, Bishop Kelly HS

Hugo Rivera, Bartlesville HS

Nicolás Salazar, Collinsville HS

Tomás Rivera honorees 2015:

Jared Gonzáles            Booker T. Washington HS

Bryant Loney               Booker T. Washington HS           

Diana Rodríguez          Booker T. Washington HS

Josué González            Broken Arrow HS     

Emily Gutiérrez           Broken Arrow HS

José Huerta Duran      Daniel Webster HS

Adriana Mendez         East Central HS

Alfredo Velasco           East Central HS

Rogelio Paredes Flores            Edison Preparatory School

Mario Padilla                          Nathan Hale HS

Dalia de Lourdes Guerrero     Nathan Hale HS

Sandra Guerra            Memorial HS

Miguel Angel Ibarra    Memorial HS

Antonio Rodríguez Méndez    Will Rogers HS

Bianca Asucena Flores            Will Rogers HS

 College –

 Miguel Becerra           Oklahoma State University    

Francisco Pérez           Oklahoma State University


2016 Tomás Rivera Hispanic Scholars:

Aguirre-Durán, Daniel    Bishop Kelly High School

Aguilar, Jennifer               Union Public Schools

Alvarado, Yakelyn Lisbett              Nathan Hale High School

Álvarez, Lena     East Central High School

Ávalos Córdova, Alejandra           Will Rogers College High School

Coronado-López, Indra  Edison Preparatory School

Díaz Nuñez, Perla             Central High School

Durán, Marlen                   Memorial High School

García, Moriaha                Street School

García Martínez, Yaqueline          Broken Arrow High School

Gutiérrez, Rocío                                Webster High School

Jiménez, Itzel                     McLain High School

Mendoza, Jared                Memorial High School

Muñiz, Jacqueline            McLain High School

Pérez Romero, Alejandro             McLain High School

Puc, Jessica         Booker T. Washington High School

Rodríguez-Santos, Brayan            Will Rogers College High School

Rubio-Regalado, Carlos Ismael    Booker T. Washington High School

Serrano-Piedra, Jennifer                               McLain High School

Tellez, Joe           Nathan Hale High School

Zúñiga, Mike      Central High School

2016 Tomás Rivera Community Volunteers and Workers in Education:

María Ochoa – parent volunteer at Owen Elementary

Stephen Bell – teacher, Nathan Hale High School

Iván Godínez Reyes – Dream Act Oklahoma volunteer at large

Vicki Silva – ESL teacher, Catholic Charities

Heraclio Rosales -  Tulsa Honor Academy booster and board member

Amanda Peregrina – Tulsa Public Schools community-faculty liaison

Maricruz Bravo Aguilar de Pérez – parent volunteer, MacAuliffe Elementary

Isabel Genay, parent volunteer at Webster High School

Deana Keathley, ESL coordinator, YWCA

Elsie Urueta, Tulsa Honor Academy director

María Cristina Reinosa,  community volunteer at San Miguel School

Irene González, community volunteer at San Miguel School

Álvaro González, community volunteer at San Miguel School

Lee Ann Macomber, mariachi program, Education Service Center

Juan Miret, Reading Partners

Margarita Vega-Treviño, Reading Partners

Isaac Rocha, Tulsa Honor Academy


2017 Tomás Rivera Hispanic Scholars:

Abraham Luévano

América Murillo Gallegos, Memorial HS, JROTC

Carlos Piedra Ramírez, Union HS

Christopher Ramírez, Booker T. Washington HS

Clare Bradshaw, Booker T. Washington HS

Clarissa Rodríguez, Memorial HS

Cynthia Murillo Gallegos, Memorial HS, JROTC

David Flores Portillo

Elisa Prieto Saavedra, Booker T. Washington HS

Frida Miranda, Booker T. Washington HS

Haydee Medellín Zaragoza, Central HS

Hayden Chávez, Booker T. Washington HS

Iziah Muñiz, Central HS

Juan Estrada, Will Rogers College HS

Lezly López, Union HS

Rosa Hernández Segura, Webster HS

Victoria Zermeño, Memorial HS

Marisol Martínez

2017 Tomás Rivera Community Volunteers and Workers in Education:

Esmeralda Molina, Union

Brian Watts, Union

William McAlister, Union

José Luis Aguilar, Union

Janeth Damián, Union

Anita Gennetay, Union

Dr. Lyda Wilbur, Tulsa Public Schools

Benjamin Peralta, Union

Mary Casto, Union

Jennifer Ochwo, Union

Emma Thadani, Union

Kathy Rubey, Jenks

Fatima Linares, Juntos

Christina Starzl Mendoza, COHO

Julio Rodríguez

Drew Diamond

Diana Rodríguez, Juntos

Erica Quick, Juntos

Hilda Lissonet, Juntos

Ana del Río, Juntos

Agustín García, Juntos

Margarita Carbajal, Juntos

Judith Barba, Juntos, YWCA

Padre José María Briones

Nilsa Hill, TPS

Emily Partridge


2018 Tomás Rivera Hispanic Scholars:

Beatriz Pérez, Booker T. Washington HS

Carolina Rubio Regalado, Booker T. Washington HS

Perla Maciel Adriano, Webster HS

Vanesa Macías, Booker T. Washington HS

Eylena Barbosa, Booker T. Washington HS

Jessica Bernal Díaz, Booker T. Washington HS

Alexis Carranza, Booker T. Washington HS

Victoria Cervantes, Booker T. Washington HS

Jalynne González, Booker T. Washington HS

Celerina Ponciano-Calles, Memorial HS

Evelin Ramírez, Memorial HS

Hector Saldívar, Booker T. Washington HS

Jamylet Martínez, Booker T. Washington HS

Stephanie Jiménez, Booker T. Washington HS

Aureana England, Central HS

Brian Valencia, Webster HS

Thomas Martínez, Bixby HS

Michaella Lobmeyer, Berryhill HS

María Pérez, East Central HS

Angela Castañeda, Liberty HS

Greysi Juárez, Nathan Hale HS

Karla Valencia, Nathan Hale HS

Alexis Daniel Rodríguez, Nathan Hale HS

2018 Tomás Rivera Volunteers and Workers in Education:

Alicia Keathley, the

Amairani Pérez-Chamu, OSU

Ana Spitalli, CIS

Esmeralda Laguna, KW ELT 

Fidelia Gonzáles, TCCL

Julio Pérez, OSU

Kirsten Ethridge, TCCL

Lehabim Escoto, City of Tulsa

Luz Hernández, Union

Magaly Gómez, CSCS
María Inés Alcaráz, IBG

Maricarmen Mitchell, TPS

Michael Schooling, Cooper Elementary, TPS

Nicolette Dennis, TPS

Onelia Anzola, CIS

Omar Cisneros, Growing Together