According to Walk Score, Tulsa is a car-dependent city. However most anyone who has made a habit of using the bus, walking, or biking will tell you that there are definitely other ways of getting around. The options are constantly expanding with the additions of ride share companies like Uber & Lyft, & the Tulsa Rail Advisory Committee (TRAC) is consistently working on getting passenger transport via train.

To navigate Tulsa there is some important information to keep in mind. The highway system that encompasses Tulsa includes the Inner Dispersal Loop (IDL) that surrounds the immediate downtown area. Also Tulsa's roads were developed on a grid system. A quick study of a Tulsa map will help to get around. While it's easy enough to travel by car, there are a few resources that are helpful when getting around.

Highway Patrol can be reached at *55 or (918) 627-0440. For road incidences off the highway you can reach TPD at their appropriate number for the area of town.

Perhaps consider becoming a member with AAA for a variety of car emergencies, road-trip needs, and discounts.

For charitable car repairs look into Car Care Clinics. They will ask that anyone inquiring pay for the parts & they will do their best to supply service.

To manage paying for your car repairs consider  CarCareONE Card. With this credit card repairs can be paid with no interest as long as they are payed off in the designated amount of time, typically 6 months.

Public Transportation
Whether it's bus, taxi, rental car, rideshare, trolley, or pedicab, you have some options for your locomotive needs.

Long distances from Tulsa:
Your choices are to obtain a car, take a bus, or take a flight (or a long hike). There are plenty of rental car companies in addition to rideshare postings on Craigslist. Remember it is illegal to hitchhike on turnpikes here in Oklahoma. The bus station is located in 

A good place to look into the current and upcoming resources for bipedal and pedestrian transportation is INCOG (Indian Nations Council of Governments)'s Bicycle/Pedestrian Transportation page.

For bicyclers Tulsa Hub is a great resource. "Tulsa Hub is the only non-profit in Oklahoma providing certified bicycling-for-transportation education, refurbished bicycles, safety gear, and follow-up support to the impoverished, mentally ill, or otherwise disenfranchised in our community."