"Tulsa Global Alliance is a non-profit volunteer organization that connects people, companies, families, organizations and students from Tulsa and Oklahoma with the rest of the world."  This opening statement on TGA's web page http://www.tulsaglobalalliance.org/  succinctly describes the group's mission, but doesn't do justice to all the activities that this group undertakes. 

Tulsa Global Alliance was formed in 1995 by the combination of the International Council of Tulsa (ICT) and Sister Cities International of Tulsa (SCIT).  The former group dated from 1976, having been started by the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. and volunteers.  The later group was formed by volunteers under the auspices of Mayor Terry Young in 1986.

Staff   (staff bios)

Phone:  918-591-4750
Fax:  918-591-4755

Becky Collins, President & CEO
Bob Lieser, Vice-President of Programming
Cathy Izzo, Office Administration
Pat Kroblin, Community Relations

Mailing address:  800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK  74104