While only a few restaurants in the Tulsa area are strictly vegetarian, several provide a good selection of meatless meals as well as using local and organic ingredients, inlcuding:

Cafe Samana.  3807 S Peoria.  Small cafe with many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes, frequently uses local and organic ingredients.

Cosmo's Cafe.  33rd and Peoria.  Sandwiches, coffee and bar.  Many vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, and a kids menu.

Elote.  Fresh-Mex cafe and bar with many vegetarian dishes, local, grass-fed meats, and local produce.

Hibiscus.  3316 S Peoria.  918-749-4700.  Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine made with natural and organic ingredients with a Vegan menu.

Juniper Restaurant an  d Martini Lounge. 3rd and Elgin.  Fine dining with fresh local ingredients, seasonal menus, some vegetarian dishes.

Local Table.  4329 S peoria.  918-794-8013.  Locally sourced, seasonal menus with a special vegetarian menu on Mondays.

Pure Cafe.  3711 S Harvard.  Raw foods (vegan) restaurant, catering, and delivery.

Raw Intentions.  848 S Aspen Ave, BA.  Raw foods (vegan) restaurant.

Ri Le's. 4932 E 91st.  Vietnamese fine dining, almost all entrees can be made vegetarian.