The Tulsa Roughnecks (1978–1984) were a North American Soccer League (NASL) team from Tulsa, Oklahoma. They played at Skelly Stadium on the campus of the University of Tulsa. The Roughnecks were a regular in the NASL playoffs, and won the NASL Soccer Bowl in 1983, defeating the Toronto Blizzard at B.C. Place Stadium by a score of 2–0 before a paid attendance of 60,051.[1] The teams all-time win-loss record was 104–106. The Roughnecks' home games consistently drew better-than-league-average attendance, with the annual record occurring during the 1980 season when the team averaged 19,787 spectators over 16 games, for a total attendance that year of 316,593 (placing the Roughnecks at No. 5 between the Seattle Sounders and the Washington Diplomats). The largest home game attendance for Tulsa occurred on April 26, 1980, when 30,822 fans watched the Roughnecks' 2–1 victory over the New York Cosmos at Skelly Stadium. The highest attendance for any Roughneck game occurred on August 26, 1979, when Tulsa met the Cosmos in New York for a NASL playoff game before a crowd of 76,031.[1]

Famous Roughneck players include Iraj Danaeifard, Charlie Mitchell, Billy Caskey, Victor Moreland, Barry Wallace, Alan Woodward, Zeljko Bilecki, Carmelo D'Anzi, Winston DuBose, Njego Pesa, Laurie Abrams, Chance Fry, Terry Moore and Ninoslav Zec.

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Many former players have found employment as paid trainers of youth soccer teams for clubs such as the Tulsa United, Tulsa Soccer Club (TSC), Tornado Soccer Club, and Hurricane Football Club (HFC).

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Year League W L Pts Reg. Season Playoffs Avg. Attendance
1978 NASL 15 15 132 2nd, National Conference, Central Division Lost 1st Round (Minnesota) 11,256
1979 NASL 14 16 139 3rd, National Conference, Central Division Won Conference Quarterfinal (Minnesota)
Lost Conference Semifinal (New York)
1979/80 NASL Indoor 7 5 3rd, Western Lost 1st Round (Minnesota)
1980 NASL 15 17 139 3rd, National Conference, Central Division Lost 1st Round (New York) 19,787
1980/81 NASL Indoor 9 9 2nd, Southern Division Did not qualify
1981 NASL 17 15 154 3rd, Central Division Lost 1st Round (Minnesota) 17,188
1981/82 NASL Indoor 10 8 3rd, American Conference, Central Division Won 1st Round (Chicago)
Lost Semifinal (Tampa Bay)
1982 NASL 16 16 112 2nd, Southern Division Lost 1st Round (New York) 14,554
1983 NASL Indoor Grand Prix 4 4 3rd in Grand Prix preliminary rounds Lost Semifinal (Tampa Bay)
Won 3rd place match (Ft. Lauderdale)
1983 NASL 17 13 145 1st, Southern Division Won 1st Round (Ft. Lauderdale)
Won Semifinals (Montreal)
Won Soccer Bowl '83 (Toronto)
1983/84 NASL Indoor 11 21 6th Did not qualify
1984 NASL 10 14 98 4th, Western Division Did not qualify 7,797

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