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Hello and welcome to LocalWiki Tustin. This site is the result of the effort of many people around the Tustin community for the benefit of many peoples in or related to the Tustin community.

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This is a place for the people to share not only what they know, but what they think and feel about Tustin. The intent is to strengthen the community by creating a medium by which people can connect and form a better community, with stronger bonds, greater pride, and more spirit!


This is a place for the people to share not only the facts, but to share their feelings. As such business owners are encouraged to create pages for their businesses full of factual information. However, this is a community and thus nobody has ownership of the page, as such the people always have the right to edit, review, or comment on the page, leaving their own opinion. Negative comments may, and most likely will happen, however it is a bad idea to simply delete them, but rather a much better option is to address their statements. By addressing the statements of the community, both you and the community will benefit from the mutual interaction, and it will tie your business closer to the community.

Everyone Else

This site is not only for the people of Tustin, but for all people to find out, and explore Tustin. We encourage all people to contribute and add to the community.

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