In the plaza next to the Tustin Library
Diedrich's Coffee
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Feb 2007

The one near the Tustin Library was recently sold out to Starbucks. Sad to those who liked Diedrich's coffees, teas, and blended drinks. This appears to be a non-local incident as all Diedrich's Cafes are being sold to Starbucks, they still sell coffee beans though apparently out of a few venues, however there will be no more drinks brewed. It is especially sad given that the location had just finished remodeling and redecorating, and was serving so many cups of coffee it was great, however it was a corporately owned venue it appears and as such didn't have much option when all locations were sold to Starbucks. The company still delivers coffee to your door, so your gift cards are still usable, however no longer for the mochas and other treats which you wanted.


A sign of things to come? To add insult to the ordeal.


—There has gotta be another one in town.. ~Dave

—Anyone know where?

—It seems that this is happening everywhere, I will look into it when I head down there tomorrow/in the next few days. You should create a user account, though it doesn't matter much, I just am curious who is helping with this project right now, but thanks seriously for helping. ~ DavidPoole

—Hm...maybe I'll create an account later.

2007-03-26 09:39:36   I remember when they were remodeling, they had a setup outside to continue serving coffee in the cold. They had a great wi-fi connection too. Fortunately just down the street a few good coffee places also opened. —DavidPoole

2008-03-03 13:39:10   the Lost Bean is THE PLACE to go now!!! G. —