Coat of arms

19251 Dodge Ave.
Hours Open:
6am - 11pm
(714) 730-7464
Al Marzilli
September 1963
School Colors/Mascot:
Black & Gold, The Knights

Foothill is one of Tustin's three highschools, and is known for its teaching staff, students, and very active PTA.

Student Life

On campus there are several subcultures and minority cliques that divide the school based on social class, race, student level, and extracurricular activities. A primary dividing and determining factor in student life is the ability to drive, which allows the student to leave during lunch (as it is an open campus), and thus creates an elevated social status, especially as an automobile is required to effectively access many areas around town. Aside from this the students enjoy many campus clubs, sports, and school activities (dances etc.).



School Events

Campus Events

Senior Activites



For the most part students either bus, drive, or are driven to campus, though a minority of them do walk or bicycle to the school. Students that drive to school must acquire or purchase a parking permit from the student store for a nominal fee which gives the right to park on campus, though a spot may not always, and usually is not, available. Taking the bus requires the purchase of a bus pass for a reasonable fee, though it is also possible to take an OCTA bus, of course this requires getting to the bus stop on time, and that the students leave with the bus or by some other means. Bicycling is not the most popular option as the school is uphill from most residential areas, and there are minimal areas for parking and locking of bicycles. Though a few students that live close walk to school, many more will walk from school to various places to hang out and enjoy their afternoons.


Foothill is well known for its academic achievements. Not only does it have Honors classes for many of its primary subjects but also Advanced Placement (AP) classes for biology, American history, physics, calculus, and more. It also offers a rigorous International Bacceloriate (IB) program for motivated students which includes taking high- level courses, maintaining a strong GPA, and turning in a lot of written work. Only a small percentage of the student body is in IB and an even smaller percent remains there throughout the four-year period.