Spyhouse on Hennepin Ave & 24thThere are a number of coffee and tea shops around the Twin Cities. They are a great place for studying, or meeting with clients, friends, or blind dates. Did you know that the Twin Cities is home to 2 of the top 10 largest coffee shop chains in the United States? Caribou Coffee comes in at number 2 and Dunn Bros Coffee comes in at number 9. Well known coffee shops in the Twin Cities include Common Roots Cafe, Peace Coffee Shop, Spyhouse Coffee, Kopplin's, Bull Run Coffee Bar, Angry Catfish, and Blue Ox.

Coffee and tea shops around the Twin Cities have a variety of vibes and features.  Some focus on local and organic food like Common Roots Cafe.  Others such as Carol's, Ring Mountain Creamery Cafe, and Black Dog Cafe offer live music.  Others have unique features of their own. The Coffee Grounds has a small stage for entertainment including bands and storytelling.  Uncommon Grounds has the feeling of a Victorian home. Tillie's Bean focuses on only using ingredients a 5 year old can sound out. Lavvu Coffee House offers a Sami-themed atmosphere. (Sami are indigenous people of the far northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.)

Minneapolis Coffee and Tea Shops

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Coffee and Tea Shops with Multiple Locations Around the Twin Cities

Caribou Coffee
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