Community Information
The Cleveland Neighborhood is located in the Northwest Minneapolis community known as Camden and bound by Penn Avenue on the East, Victory Memorial Parkway on the West, Dowling Avenue on the North and Lowry Avenue on the South.
Just 10 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis, 15 minutes from Maple Grove and 15 minutes from Minnetonka, the Cleveland Neighborhood is a predominately residential community centrally located to many different recreational, shopping and employment centers.

Historic Preservation
The Fournier House, a home on the National Register of Historic Places is located in the Cleveland Neighborhood. Additionally, Victory Memorial Drive is a Historic District, which is on the neighborhood’s west border.

Economic Development

The City, County and other entities have current and planned redevelopment projects that benefit the Cleveland Neighborhood. The new Twina Stadium is about two miles of our community and is expected to lead to further development on the north end of Downtown. Additionally, Hennepin County is working continuly on the reconstruction of Lowry Avenue. Hennepin County has announced that it will begin building a new Mississippi River crossing at Lowry Avenue in 2009, which will open in 2011, replacing the 101 year old bridge that has been closed due to structural issues.
The City of Minneapolis has unveiled the West Broadway Alive plan as its vision for one of the Northside’s two commercial corridors. Additionally, the City has seen the construction of one part of the Penn-Lowry redevelopment, with the addition of over 30,000 square feet of retail and office space on the southeast corner of Penn and Lowry.
Improved transportation potential has been discussed with the potential for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along Bottineau Blvd between Downtown Minneapolis and the Northwest Suburbs. Recently, the members of the County have been exploring Light Rail Transit (LRT) instead of BRT.


The Cleveland Neighborhood Association supports lifelong learning for its residents. Community Education has an office at Lucy Craft Laney Elementary School and provides education opportunities to youth and adults.

In addition, the Cleveland Neighborhood includes residents who are enrolled at the University of St. ThomasUniversity of MinnesotaMetro State University and Minneapolis Community and Technical College, all of which have locations in or near Downtown Minneapolis.

Several technical and speciality schools are near by, including Brown Institute, Arts International Minneapolis, Institute of Production and Recording, Dunwoody Institute, Summit Academy and others.
Personal growth opportunities also exist with classes offered by Juxtaposition Arts and Camden Music School.

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