From the Minneapolis Neighborhood Profile:

The Holland neighborhood is located in the Northeast community of Minneapolis. The neighborhood's northern extent is 27th Avenue NE and the southern boundary is along 17th and 19th avenues NE. Central Avenue NE is the eastern extent and University Avenue NE is the western boundary. The neighborhood and its elementary school are named after Josiah G. Holland, an American educator and editor born in 1819 in Massachusetts. He was well known for Timothy Titcomb's Letters, a column he wrote for a newspaper in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Holland neighborhood is predominately residential, and more than 75 percent of the homes were built before 1920. Holland does have some commercial and retail areas, mainly along Central Avenue. The neighborhood has other amenities including Jackson Square Park, Edison Senior High School and a Minneapolis public library branch. The neighborhood was a popular destination for Eastern Europeans emigrating at the beginning of the 20th century.

Neighborhood Character

  • Home Types: Single family homes? Townhomes? Condos? Rentals? Mix of all?
  • Ranches? Bungalows?
  • Age: Is it an older neighborhood?  New? Mix of Both?


This can be long or short. Who built the neighborhood? Has it changed over time?

Trends: What is going on now in the neighborhood? Nothing? New development?


List the schools here or link to the website

Online Community

Local Government

  • Which voting district for city/town council, school board, other?
  • Link to any relevant city services
  • State Representatives


  • Does the neighborhood have sidewalks? Is it walkable? If so, what can you walk to?
  • What parks are nearby? Be sure to check out park pages in the wiki and link to them instead of an outside web page.
  • Strengths? What are the positive aspects to the neighborhood?

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