Starting in 1952, each year during the carnival, there is an annual Treasure Hunt. The St. Paul Pioneer Press prints in their newspaper 12 clues on 12 consecutive days. These clues point to a local park, where participants race to the park they think the clues point them towards, and start searching for the medallion. The clues are often cryptic until the 12th day, when people line up outside the newspaper offices, cell phones in hand and partners in parks, when the 12th clue gives them almost the exact location. The medallion has previously been hidden in a diaper, a White Castle hamburger box, a pop can, inside an Oreo cookie, and frozen in ice. The finders of the medallion are awarded up to $10,000 and receive a place of honor riding in the closing Torchlight Parade.

Additional information about the Treasure Hunt can be found on the Pioneer Press' Treasure Hunt Page.


2013 Clues

Clue #1
So last year's hunt proved pretty tough,
Filled with red herrings, bluster and bluff.
Expect more reprise in this year's hunt.
Use high tech gear, but no cheating stunt.
The outer limit is the Ramsey line;
On public land you'll do just fine.
Don't hunt in a place where you play a round.
Don't dig deep holes or tear up the ground.

Clue #2
Giving the clues away for a song
Turned out to be so very wrong.
So, with apology quite humble,
We'll stick to mixing clues in a jumble.
Hunt alone or council for luck,
But only one can find the puck.
Finder decides with whom to share
Like that famous "Happy Holidays" pair.

Clue #3
Walk your dog or jog a bit.
Grab your honey, park and sit.
Ride a bike; exercise the kids;
Winter allows what summer forbids.

Clue #4
Ups and downs are the treasure hunt story.
Fun for all; for one some glory.
If you're not clever and can't see the rhyme,
Yellow mashed rice is well worth your time.

Clue #5
Nature does what nature wills
And gobbles up man's silly frills.
"Don't fence me in" might be the song,
But spotting a fence won't lead you wrong.

Clue #6
"Think outside the box" was last year's clue;
This year another shift is due.
Get schooled in time - think bark on a tree -
Wheel of fortune implies you foresee.

Clue #7
Whatever may be your political bent,
For this year's hunt thank the 1 percent.
One for the money, two for the go,
Look for the medallion under ice and snow.

Clue #8
Yon a car wash cuts to the chase,
And equal rights define a place.
Down under there's ice; don't bruise your buns.
Calling a doctor will help you tons.

Clue #9
Sneak a peek at our simple rhymes,
Which could lead you to better times.
A second idea from a subtle clue --
Pause a moment for a heavenly view.

He worked for the homeless, the great outdoors,
And little creatures who run on all fours.
As best to say - "He was a good man."
Study his path the best that you can.

Clue #10
Hark, ye lovers of woodland creatures.
Cheekiest? Rumpiest? Judge their features.
Gopher or chipmunk; squirrel or rabbit --
Find their home, a park they inhabit.

Clue #11
Scrambled Clue:
place right the in you're here are you
when the treasure in sanctuary icy not embrace
and gopher near hark wary cheekiest be to
time lies no night draws an end the

thrive to time want you if to survive
to the want you if stand Clue should
you where from east revisit generally search land
now Broeas from away is trail don't Five

Unscrambled Clue:
The end draws nigh, no time to be wary --
"Hark cheekiest gopher" and not sanctuary.
When "you are here," you're in the right place;
The treasure lies near, in an icy embrace.

Don't trail away from Boreas land.
Search generally east from where you should stand.
If you want to survive, if you want to thrive,
Now is the time to revisit Clue Five.

Medallion location:
The Medallion was located in Cherokee Park near Annapolis Street. 
Lynn Olson-Tuma and Scot Tuma of St. Paul found the mediallion on January 30th 2013.  It was concealed in ice.


2012 Clues

Clue #1
The time has come around again
For using all your cunning and ken
To unravel Boreas' befuddling clues
Circulated in the PiPress news.

Within our realm explore and search.
No private properties besmirch.
The treasure rests in a public park.
On a course for golf, please leave no mark.

Clue #2
It's time to get this off our chest:
Mix treasured lore into your quest.
Triple score provides a clue;
So do the colors red and blue

Clue #3
Crack the nut and find the treasure.
There's a place to cook and a place for leisure.
A road there is that's interfacial.
Bag the treasure if you are able.

Clue #4
"Woof" says the dog. "Babble" says the brook,
And here is wisdom on which to make book:
When in Rome you should do
Exactly as a Roman should do

Clue #5
If it's treasure you're trackin'
Stop chattin'. Get crackin'.
As the sun will lighten up your day,
This clue will brighten up your way.

Clue #6
Let us stop the haw and hem
And get you looking for the gem.
Incorporate thinking outside the box.
Sort it out as you like it - opportunity knocks.

Clue #7
Search the land through darkest night;
Follow the crowd to the treasure's site.
Wear warm clothes, and don't come to harm.
And bring along your good luck charm.

Clue #8
Many there are in many a park;
Find the right one, and you're close to the mark.
Think big, and you'll be right in the game
When you spot a place with a special claim.

Clue #9
From miles around they came to stay
A night or two, then on their way
To reap the riches fall can yield --
The delicacy of a watery field.

Clue #10
Scrambled Clue:
if now then my the benches galore
and view shore you taken you friend
right tables to admire from are aback
are on track gazebos sit the the

but not or scramble will best land dwell
your the smell yours to rest and serve
respect where but nose nearer is sit to
search you the people follow to end

Unscrambled Clue:
If you are now taken aback,
Then you are, my friend, on the right track.
Benches, tables, gazebos galore
To sit and admire the view from the shore.

But yours is not to sit or rest;
To scramble and search will serve you best.
Respect the land where people dwell.
But follow your nose to the nearer end smell.

Clue #11
Scrambled Clue:
gnali rade lushod het hermy irtgh sith gisn ese
neth lwil kolo oyu pu thaw ot tiwh
eth kys nife yolul stuj eb noidg rediw royue
ni sleco nthe tingetg dna oeruy nowt og rawy

Unscrambled Clue:
Read the right sign then look up to the sky;
You'll be wired in then and won't go awry.
You're getting close, you're doing just fine.
With what you will see, this rhyme should align

Medallion location:
The medallion was located in Tony Schmidt Park in Arden Hills.
It was found Lange Wallgren of Osseo, along with his four hunting partners: Jake Ingebrigtson, of St. Paul; Corey Hargreaves, of New Brighton; Alex Valen, of North Oaks; and Nate Buck, of Cottage Grove.


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