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The United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland was founded in 1845.  To become accepted into the United States Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, Maryland, there is a very strict process and avenues to travel to be approved for admission. To be considered for eligibility, an applicant must have a considerably higher GPA and SAT score.(they take the 2 best scores). Letter of Recommendation, essay, and Congressional or Vice Presidential nomination.   Here is a recruiting video from the 1940s.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_MZjteyXA8

  This starts their process to transition into “Plebes”.  They are issued their garment bags and are taught their only reposes to be “Yes Sir, No Sir, I’ll find out Sir, No excuse Sir, and Aye Aye, Sir”.   The “reformed” verbal skills are very impressive, as this correlates with the ability to quickly and concisely interpret and repeat direction and follow through on both giving and receiving a direct order.  “White Glove” inspections (in the literal sense), practicing and reciting “Chow Calls”, “Come Arounds” are also part of this regimen.  Chow calls involve the memorization of mealtime menus to be able to very quickly, clearly, and assertively recite the meal menus to leadership.  “Come Around” approach and introduce that they are reporting for such at the door, wait for the command from upper classman to stand back to the bulkhead (wall), respond appropriately while doing so, and wait for approach to be asked the selected question, being tested for military knowledge.   It has been referred to as “the Olympics of academics”.  The classes are, surprisingly, small---considering the number of Midshipmen that attend.  Upon graduation from the Academy, they have a choice into what field they want to pursue.