Pizza Hut

Courtesy of Google Maps

2305 Springs Rd, Vallejo, CA 94591
Monday: 3:45pm - 11:00pm
Tuesday : 3:45pm - 11:00pm
Wednesday : 3:45pm - 11:00pm
Thursday : 3:45pm - 11:00pm
Friday : 10:45am - Midnight
Saturday : 10:45am - Midnight
Sunday : 10:45am - 11:00pm
(707) 557-2255
Delivery charge
$3.25 plus tip

Pizza Hut is like any other Pizza Hut. It is pretty much your average pizza place with some slight caveats that make this one unique to Vallejo. They use an old looking computer system circa 1989 with orange text and no GUI. Furthermore, the store has thick, maybe bulletproof, glass in front of some of the registers and it is touched off with a bullet hole? on the cashier's side of the glass. If you come here at night, it will take you at least two tries to find it because as of August 2011, the sign lights are out and the parking lot is pretty dark.