1129 S. Main Street
Mon.-Sat. 10am to 9pm, Sun. 11-7
(925) 210-2020
July 12, 2003

Walnut Creek is home to its very own Apple store. The store is located near Tiffany & Co. and Barnes and Noble.

You can purchase a variety of Apple products such as computers, laptops, and iPods.

Apple iPods can also be found at a hi-tech vending machine at the Macy's Men's Store in Broadway Plaza.


2007-09-11 14:05:08   Awesome store, as all Apple Stores are. Parking is free and readily available in the garage down the street. You can't be upset if you aren't the only one around with an iPhone in hand, Got mine yesterday! The iPhone is quite simply the best piece of modern technology I've seen. No wonder they've managed to sell over 1 million of them already! —

2007-11-30 13:57:00   Bought a macbook a few months ago, and the hard drive started clicking. Took it in on a Tuesday, Genius Bar dude wiped it clean and told me it would be fine. I didn't quite believe him. Hard drive failed again less than a week later, so I took it back. This time, Barrett the Genius Bar dude helped me, and he is awesome. He listened to the clicking and seemed to immediately know that I needed a new hard drive. Told me they had to order it, but it shouldn't take long and my lappie should be ready in 5 days. The employees here are WAY nicer than the ones in the Emeryville store. —JennSuzuki