1123 S California Blvd (Across from Cost Plus and Olympia Place)
24 hours a day
(925) 933-9474
CVS Caremark
Longs rebranded to CVS in 2009
Payment Method
Cash and Credit

CVS Pharmacy has three stores in the city of Walnut Creek. The downtown store is open 24 hours and completed a CVS remodel in 2009.

CVS in downtown used to have a 24 hour Pharmacy in case you need medication at any hour of the night or day. However, hours changed and it is no longer 24 hours.

Longs Drugs World Headquarters was formerly located in Walnut Creek. CVS Pharmacy bought Longs Drugs in August 2008. Longs Drugs was renamed to CVS in August 2009. The Hawaii stores will retain the name Longs Drugs.

The store features an ATM machine that used to be a Chase Bank branded ATM machine. It no longer is a Chase branded ATM. This machine dispenses cash and does not accept deposits.