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East Bay Connection is a door-to-door airport shuttle service.


2008-03-10 15:13:03   I reserved a ride to and from SFO recently. The ride there was fine, though the guy showed up 10 minutes early (no big deal). However, my flight was due to arrive at 11:30pm. It arrived late, and as I'm waiting for my luggage at 12:15am, I get a call from them saying "I just wanted to make sure you knew that our van service ended at midnight. We have a sedan service after midnight, but it will be $114." I hung up on them, called my friend to see if he could find me the cheapest way to get home (if it was more than $114, I didn't care, I wasn't going to use the damn sedan service). My friend ended up driving up from Santa Clara to pick me up. I called East Bay Connection back just to yell at them and ask why they didn't anticipate my flight possibly being late. I got a lame, not-at-all heartfelt apology, and they said they'd "knock the fare down to $85." That was still double the original fare. I know that mistakes happen, but when I'm stuck at SFO at 12:30am, these things are not forgiveable. I will not be using East Bay Connection, even if I have to pay significantly more. —JennSuzuki