The City of West Sacramento offers free wireless internet access to those who are within the covered areas.

The West Sacramento Wi-Fi FAQ:

How do I log on? Do I need a password?

No, the Wi-Fi network is an open network. Anyone can access the network with a WiFi enabled device.

Where can I access the network?

Depending on the power of the device you are using, the Wi-Fi network is available around City Hall, and in the areas adjacent to West Capitol Avenue to the riverfront (around the Ziggurat building).

I can’t get on the network, what gives?

Make sure that the network you are trying to access has the SSID: westsacwifi. If your signal strength is high and you still can’t access the network, try restarting your computer.

What is the network ID or the SSID for the network?

The City of West Sacramento Wi-Fi network ID or SSID is westsacwifi.

How can I boost the strength of the signal of my computer?

Some laptop computers have expansion slots and can be equipped with “high gain” Wi-Fi devices.

What kind of devices are supported?

Any computer with an 802.11 G or B compatible device can access this network.

I still can’t get on the network, what do I do?

Please contact your computer or part manufacturer for further support.