Winnipeg is known for its back lanes. They are almost universal in the city, compared to Toronto for example, or any suburb built post-1980.

The City of Winnipeg has specific by-laws and policies addressing services and maintenance of back lanes in Winnipeg:

Nowhere have the back lanes of Winnipeg been more celebrated than in the film, My Winnpeg, by Gimli resident, Guy Maddin. Reviews of film descrbe the laneways as follows:

"shown on no map"
- Roger Ebert,

"a shadowy mirror of the more respectable thoroughfares"

"the city's mysterious labyrinth" 

"where the real Winnipeg is found... where memories become most plausibly alive


People are paying more attention to the back lane as an important element of urban planning:

Other cities are working to emulate Winnipeg's successful laneway system:

Back lane

source: City of Winnipeg website