Most major Canadian banks operate branches and ATM's in Weyburn. Of course, if you prefer to take a more co-operative approach to banking, there is also the locally-operated Weyburn Credit Union as well.


  • BMO's Weyburn branch is located at the City Centre Mall on 110 Souris Ave.
  • CIBC's Weyburn branch is located at the Weyburn Security Bank building in Downtown Weyburn on 76 3 Street.
  • A Scotiabank branch is located on 110 Government Road.
  • An RBC branch is located on 220 Souris Ave, right across the street from the CIBC.
  • TD Canada's branch is located on 101 2 Street.
  • Weyburn Credit Union is located at 205 Coteau Ave E.


  • A Scotiabank ATM is also located at the 7-Eleven convenience store on Government and 1 Ave. NW.
    • A CIBC ATM was formerly located at this location, but was replaced in 2012 due to a group deal with Scotiabank and 7-Eleven. CIBC no longer has any ATM locations in Weyburn aside from its branch.