Winters Location

Winters Location
208 Railroad Ave. (Next door to the Buckhorn)
Tue-Thu 10:00AM-8:00PM
Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sat 8:30AM-9:00PM
Sun 8:30AM-8:00PM
(530) 795-9811
Both use the same Menu

Chuy's Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant that first opened in Winters and expanded to Davis in early 2006.

The big sign over their front door says they are "Autentic".

A regular burrito is $4.50+tax and a super burrito is $6.50+tax. Chips are included. They serve them "wet" (with a bit of sauce poured on them) on a plate, with a garnish of shredded lettuce and a piece of tomato.


2010-02-14 11:59:33   We tried their Saturday special of 2 soft tacos, beans & rice and it was great! For a take-out dessert we got some nice pastries from Chuy's Mexican Bakery next to the restaurant. —BruceThomas