The Lowes Foods in Walkertown is store number 182. It was opened in 2006. It features a deli, a bakery, a Pick & Prep produce, a Beef Shoppe, and a seafood department. It offers Lowes Foods to Go, but does not offer delivery through that service. It stocks many of the same products as other Lowes Foods stores, but it has a smaller inventory in all of its perishable departments due to its smaller store size. The store is scheduled for a remodel in January of 2020.



  • Store Manager is currently Randy Weaver
  • Co-managers are Kieth Brown and Terry Warren
  • Front Porch manager is Pam
  • The bakery, deli, meat, and produce managers are named Erica, Carol, Mike, and Michael, respectively



There are 6 registers on the Front Porch and 3 self checkouts, along with a small Lowes Foods to Go station. The bathrooms are at the front of the store. The store has eleven aisles of grocery, with a twelfth aisle for frozen foods. The Lowes Foods to Go pickup lane is marked in the parking spots, rather than as a special drive-thru lane beside the store's side door.


Community Involvement

The store accepts donations to the Second Harvest Food Bank and also accepts cat food donations for the local veterinary hospital. The cashiers are required to ask the guest if they would like to donate the current push item to the food bank. Lowes Foods 182 participates in Walkertown's Fall Festival every year.


Hours of Operation

Lowes Foods is open from 6 a.m. until midnight Sunday through Saturday. Every Lowes Foods location closes at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, at 6 p.m. Christmas Eve, and are all closed on Christmas Day.


Links and Contact Info



Address: 5180 Reidsville Rd, Walkertown

Phone Numbers: 

  • Line 1 - (336) 595-7448
  • Line 2 - (336) 595-2139
  • Line 3 - (336) 595-2038