Sustainable Williamson is a project of Williamson Health and Wellness Center and the town of Williamson, West Virginia. It is a living-lab platform working through vibrant, community-driven processes to breathe life back into central Appalachia.

Sustainable Williamson is a collaborative effort to redefine the economic landscape of the central Appalachian coalfields and create a replicable model of sustainability through community revitalization. Their projects focus primarily on healthy community initiatives to accomplish this goal.

Sustainable Williamson's integrated approach to community development considers education, rural and urban partnerships, social wellbeing, physical health, and improved infrastructure as indicators of success. This model informs research and development for rural economies; empowers local entrepreneurs to start new sustainable energy businesses throughout the region; and ultimately, employs a local workforce in sustainable energy careers.

The organization's vision is to create good paying jobs and demonstrate ways to retain wealth within the local economy. Benefits include attracting sustainable expertise to the region and activating local involvement. Sustainable Williamson will spark the creation of local businesses and prepare a workforce with competitive skills sets. The collaborative strategy will reduce “brain drain”, increase the quality of life, and create an atmosphere in which local entrepreneurs can thrive.


"To create a replicable model of sustainability for economically distressed communities throughout Central Appalachia."

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Sustainable Williamson was founded in 2013. The organization was laid out in the Sustainable Williamson Initiative Action Plan (PDF).

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Healthy Communities: Video

Energy Optimization: Video

Food Systems: Video

Integrated Education: Video

Sustainable Tourism: Video

Sustainable Construction: Video

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